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za. 09.10.2021 23:00
za 09.10.'21
  • za 09.10.'21

Well well ...

I guess we are finally back huh?

There is only so much social distancing a person can stomach. In my crystal ball, I see your gorgeous self on Saturday, October 9th, pumping and grinding through the night. Wizkid, Doja Cat, Burna Boy & Miss Nakamura will get us in the right mood. The continued supply of liquor will keep us going until the break of dawn.

Food by Afrosian

Wall of fame, royal red carpet with photographers

Exquisite vip experience with a separate cocktail bar

€200,00 for the best dressed

Life is more than zoom meeting and Netflix. Not too long ago before the lockdown you were an adventurer. Awaken that adventurer once more and let’s shine #together.

Wether you show up in a magnicifent waxprint prom dress or an elegant jumpsuit, that’s up to you. Just remember to get your presale in advance and know that we will reward the brightest star of the night with a €200,00 cash prize.

One could almost say that we are back like we never left.

Presale starts on Monday, August 30th at 08:00.

We would like to thank Vooruit & Nationale Loterij for their continued support. Follow us on the gram for weekly updates.


  • Lizaay
  • Assia Mk
  • Master Dream
  • Darlène Fella (live)
  • Poundz (live)


za 09.10 - 22:00 (deuren) Balzaal
NIGHTLIFE / #tegast
€10 (excl. reservatiekost) via deze link


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