Literature at Vooruit invites you to dive head first into the work of well-known international authors as well that of bright new talents, from poetry to fiction and from non-fiction to graphic novels. With exciting, multidisciplinary literary events we hope to appeal to a broad and diverse range of readers, with something for all ages. We do this by working in collaboration with numerous schools, universities, bookshops, media partners, cultural institutions, libraries and publishers, as well as other fine partners such as the VFL, Canon Cultuurcel and Iedereen Leest.

At the heart of Literature at Vooruit is of course our famous literary programme Uitgelezen, a series of events that centres not on the author but the reader. We enter our 16th (!) season with all the essential ingredients – our recurring panel guests, reading tips, live music, etc. – as well as a few nods and winks to other focus programmes and formats. You can get a first taste of the new 2018-2019 season at VIDEODROOM.

Uitgelezen now also hosts an array of spinoff events that take place outside the walls of Vooruit. With Uitgelezen op Reis – Uitgelezen on the move – we’ll head to Leuven’s Tweebronnen library and the Smaaksalon in Hasselt. And now there’s Uitgelezen op School, which visits schools across Flanders and Brussels, engaging with students of all secondary years, as well as final-year primary pupils, and even students in higher education. The youngest readers also have Papierslag to enjoy, where children’s authors inspire kids to dream and ponder.


(c) Michiel Devijver

In addition to Uitgelezen, Vooruit also hosts many a book presentation. We continue to sniff out local and international talent. Whether it be fiction – writer Tom Lanoye is turning 60 and will celebrate the occasion at Vooruit with live music –, non-fiction or graphic novels. Young graphic-novel titan Brecht Evens will launch his latest book ‘Het Amusement’ at SMELTCRUISE, concluding, of course, with a party.

With the series Vooruit in de Boekhandel (‘Vooruit at the Bookshop’) we will be supporting more small-scale presentations at Ghent’s three independent bookshops: Walry, Paard van Troje and Limerick. With these events we aim to create a spotlight for rising talent and less broad themes. And that’s not all: Literature at Vooruit has yet more excursions planned for the coming season under the banner of Podium, a series of theatre shows based on novels.

Finally, in the 2018-2019 season we’ll be welcoming a new writer-in-residence: Laura van Dolron. Her predecessor, investigative journalist Hind Fraihi, made her mark with the piece ‘Vooruitopia. Connection amid confusion’, which held up a mirror to Vooruit and society at large. You can find her essay at In the new season, stand-up philosopher van Dolron continues in the same spirit, observing and reflecting, striking and soothing.

(c) Michiel Devijver