Vooruit’s PERFORMING ARTS programme is your ticket to an exciting mix of established artists, international discoveries and young talents making their first forays on the stage. The ‘19-‘20 season is no exception, offering an intriguing clash of genres, styles and astounding experiences: from old friends like Toneelhuis, to sensational, new work from the world-famous Brazilian performer and maker Bruno Beltrão. The leading theatre company tg STAN is set to tread the boards of Vooruit’s theatre three times. They’ll present a show together with Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Lisbon), and they’ll also bring old and new work of their own to our stage. We’ve also got a bunch of participatory projects lined up, with local theatre aficionados working together with international well-known artists.

The new season is also a season of new encounters. We’re proud to invite, for the first time, Jan Martens, Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, Tiago Rodrigues, Alice Ripoll & CIA Suave and Florentina Holzinger, among others. Our different festivals provide the programme with a common thread, with themes such as sexuality, ageing, accessibility and inclusion.


Once again the new MUSIC season at Vooruit promises to be a fantastic, convention-defying journey through all manner of genres. From psychedelic noise-rock to new African electronica and feminist avant-pop. In short, we’ll be providing a platform for everything contemporary, adventurous and inspiring.

The ‘19-’20 season will see the return of a number of well-known festivals: unique audiovisual creations during VIDEODROOM, experiment and adventure during EASTERN DAZE, and the third edition of the underground hip hop festival OUT THE FRAME. You can also expect a bunch of new collaborations, with partners including Metadrone and Scratch & Snuff. The cherry on the cake: 2020 will see the first release from the brand-new Vooruit MUSIC label. Make some room in your record cabinet!


Reading broadens our perspective on the world, makes us wiser and encourages us to dream. That’s why Vooruit presents an extended LITERATURE programma filled with fiction, non-fiction, poetry and graphic novels, slam poetry and spoken word. Vooruit LITERATURE is there for people of all ages and socio-cultural backgrounds, who get a kick out of the scent of books, top authors, or spoken word, people who enjoy public readings or reading alone, people who are engaged with the societal issues of today ... In short, anyone who likes to get stuck into a good book.

LITERATURE in the season ‘19-’20 comes in a diversity of formats, such as the live literary programme Uitgelezen (at Vooruit, on the road or in schools), writers’ presentations as part of Vooruit met de Boekhandel, reading clubs like Samen Lezen and Vroeg Geboekt, events with our writer-in-residence, and collaborations with festivals like NACHT VAN DE VRIJDENKER or youth-oriented initiatives like Auw La and Write Now!.

Over the course of this season, writer-in-residence Simone Atangana Bekono will perform her poetry, present her essay ‘Vooruitopia’ and perhaps even her debut novel, before passing the torch to slam poet Hind Eljadid, who just received the BILL Award for Young Artistic Talent from Sven Gatz, in the context of the Ultima Prijs.


THINK is the name for Vooruit’s reflection platform. Expect collaborations between our programmers, guest curators and a wide range of different partners from the social, artistic and media sectors. As a critical forum for artistic and social commentary, THINK forges a direct link with the city of Ghent. On the programme: societal debates, discussions linked to the artistic programme, reflection and critical research.

With THINK, we are continuing a tradition that dates back to 1913: Vooruit has always been intended as a place of significant societal engagement, a place for collaboration and a cooperative mentality.
Today, as an arts centre, we seek to actively contribute to positive developments in our complex society. To be a refuge in the city for the development of new ideas, collaborations and bold action.

THINK is for everyone who wants to be inspired, challenged, enriched. For everyone who wants to exchange ideas, or wants to make a contribution to the societal debate. For everyone who wants to feel the experience. With THINK, Vooruit presents formats for you, the visitor, to actively participate in, together with an editorial team composed of artists, activists, academics and your fellow visitors. The programme is made possible through Vooruit’s collaboration with many local and international partners. In a nutshell, organisations and individual artists enter into dialogue with the Vooruit team and the general public.

THINKs to do in ‘19-’20: Café Apache, FESTIVAL VAN DE GELIJKHEID, Six Impossible Things before Breakfast, Tegenlicht Meet Ups, We own it!, ...


The name speaks for itself: under DAYLIFE you’ll find all the Vooruit activities that take place (mainly) during the day. From an adventurous Wild Brunch or our Vooruitbollen second-hand market in the Vooruit Café, to a guided tour of the glorious monument that is Vooruit. DAYLIFE might also be a temporary expo, workshop or a beginners’ dance workshop by the Gentse Hoppers, for example. Discover all the latest events in the agenda!


Everyone’s partied at Vooruit at some point or another. Needless to say, during our 2019-20 season you can count on our Concertzaal, Balzaal and Vooruit Café for your fix of partying and clubbing. Every week there’s something to celebrate at Vooruit, whether it’s with Kozzmozz, Funky Fabric, ICOON, Think!, Club 923, Apéro Velcro, or our legendary afterparties, Café DJ sets and festival closing parties. You’ll find all the deets in our NIGHTLIFE category - an overview of everything a night owl needs to know.


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