Public outreach

Nothing for everyone, something for everybody. Vooruit is for everyone; people of all ages and all walks of life are welcome to enjoy themselves here. But we go even further than that, reaching out to certain groups that might not ordinarily find their way to Vooruit.

Uitgelezen at School

Vooruit’s literary programme Uitgelezen also has a variant designed for schools. Uitgelezen at School is an accessible, youth-friendly version of Uitgelezen for first, second and third grade secondary students (ASO, TSO and BSO) as well as third-level students. The goal? To get book-shy and book-loving students alike even more passionate about literature, shine a spotlight on the un(known) talents among the students, stimulate creativity, encourage discussion, and to show students how to respond to differing opinions and discover the charms of culture in general and literature in particular. An infectiously compelling format that promotes reading like nothing else.

Interested schools can take up direct contact by emailing


Papierslag (‘Paper Battle’) is a monthly author reading event at school for readers between 4 and 12 years of age. Yes, officially speaking, it’s to ‘promote reading’, but there’s no reason why reading and listening have to be dreary and boring. During a Papierslag, a children’s author – chosen in consultation with the schools to be as relevant to the lives of the children as possible – reads to the students and chats with the children at length about what they’ve heard.

Want to bring Papierslag to your school? Get in touch by sending a message to (€2 per student). 

Les van de Eeuw

The hot topics of today made appealing for young people of primary and secondary school age: it has to be Les van de Eeuw (‘Lesson of the Century’). In past editions we dealt with big issues like democracy, education, smart cities, migration and fake news. For these open lessons, authorities from the worlds of academia, politics, journalism and art provide insight into the subjects at hand. Guests at previous editions included Wouter Hillaert (Rekto:Verso), Rachida Lamrabet (author and jurist), Nigel Williams (man-with-a-conscience), Bruno De Wever (UGent) and Minister of Justice Koen Geens.

Interested? Contact (€1 per student).

Guided tours

Twice a month on Sunday you can experience a guided tour through the Vooruit building, a fantastic monument that’s over 100 years old. Fancy visiting this unique pearl of heritage with your club, school or group of friends? For a tailored tour, contact us by sending a message to We’ll take care of the rest. A tour is €8 per person or €4 for -12s. 

Foreign-language tours

For the past two seasons we have also offered foreign-language tours, and we’ll be continuing this in the new season. We’ll take you from the deepest bowels of the building to the highest tower, with tours available in Polish, Arabic or another language of your choice.

How does it work? We put on these foreign-language tours in collaboration with various organisations to allow more people to discover Vooruit. Are you part of an organisation that works with foreign language speakers? Get in touch and we’ll organise a tailored tour. You provide the interpreter and we provide an experienced guide. Contact for all the details.

Streamed shows

In the 2017-2018 season we experimented for the first time with the live streaming of a show. This gave the residents at the Privilege retirement home on Bagattenstraat the opportunity to watch the show ‘Big Bears Cry Too’ by Miet Warlop, live. In the coming seasons we'll take this further and expand our streaming service. Information about which shows will be live-streamed and how to watch will be available soon on

Pre- & post-show discussions

Once again we will be organising a number of discussions with various artists from the Vooruit programme. These entail a discussion in which we talk with the actor(s) or director about the show, their inspiration and their upcoming projects. Got a burning question? Feel free to put it to our guest! Keep an eye on for more info.

Coming to a show as a group and interested in a pre- or post-show discussion? Contact

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