Vooruit & corona

Dear Vooruit visitor,

We’re currently surfing a wave of uncertainty. But that won’t stop us planning for an exciting future together. Which is why we at Vooruit are adjusting to the new reality: going out with a face mask but without fear. Being further apart but closer to artists. Limited capacity but unlimited emotions.

It will take some getting used to – including for us – but we’re committed to making this an unforgettable season. In the safest, most optimal conditions possible, of course. Nothing for everyone, something different for everybody! Above all, we hope you enjoy your visit to Vooruit to the fullest.

The Vooruit team



  • Do you feel ill or are you showing any symptoms? Have you been in contact with someone who is ill? Then please stay at home. 
  • Do you belong to a high-risk group? Discuss with your doctor what is safe for you.
  • Put your face mask on before entering the building. You are only permitted to remove your face mask when seated in the Vooruit Café. Please note: it is also required that you wear your face mask in the streets surrounding Vooruit. Use this handy map to see exactly where you must wear a mask.
  • Upon entering the building please disinfect your hands using the hand gel dispenser. 
  • Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others at all times.
  • Follow the circulation plan and signage throughout the building. 
  • Coughing or sneezing should be directed into your elbow. 
  • You can wash and disinfect your hands and dry them with paper towels in all our restrooms.
  • We clean our event spaces and stages before and after each show. Hallways are cleaned daily. 
  • Furthermore, we disinfect all contact surfaces (such as door handles and handrails) before and after each show. 

If you have any questions for us, feel free to speak to a member of our event staff. And please remember to stay safe for your own sake and that of those around you.


  • Make arrangements with your bubble to purchase your tickets together in one order.
  • One order = one bubble. You can order max. two tickets per bubble.*
  • When ordering you will be asked for your contact details. For thirty days afterwards this info may be used for contact tracing. Only the details of the ticket purchaser are needed.
  • Can’t come, after all? Sell your ticket(s) on to someone from your bubble. This way you’ll be sitting together safely with someone from your bubble.
  • Vooruit cannot take back purchased tickets.

* For example: say you want to purchase four tickets for an event (two for yourself, two for your friends). Then you place two separate orders (of two tickets each) and form two separate bubbles, with distance between bubbles. If you buy just one ticket then you yourself are the bubble; you will sit at a safe distance from other bubbles.


  • You will receive an email beforehand with all the practical information you need to know for a smooth and safe visit. 
  • Be sure not to forget your face mask.
  • If there is a queue at the entrance, please maintain sufficient distance in accordance with the signage and respect the instructions of our staff.
  • There is no cloakroom service so please take your coat with you into the event space.
  • Enter the event space together with your entire bubble.
  • If someone from your bubble is late, please wait for them outside at a safe distance from the other visitors.
  • Please arrive on time: it takes a bit longer than usual to get everyone seated per bubble.
  • The signage in the building clearly indicates which door to take to enter the event space.
  • Our event staff will seat visitors row by row. This is to prevent visitors from crossing each other’s path.
  • You will be assigned a seat by one of our staff. 


  • Once the show has begun, please remain seated for the duration of the event. 
  • There will be no breaks or intermissions. 
  • Please use the toilet facilities before the show and wash your hands thoroughly after every use. During the show, you may, if necessary, still leave the event space to use the toilet; you may not, however, re-enter the event space afterwards.
  • We guarantee a safe distance between all bubbles, no matter where you are seated.
  • You must wear a face mask throughout the entire event.
  • Vooruit provides constant ventilation with 100% fresh air throughout the event.


  • Please remain patiently seated after the show. Our event staff will ensure that everyone can exit the space with the necessary social distancing, once again row by row. 
  • Enjoy a fully corona-proof drink and chat in the Vooruit Café  after the show. No mask required.
  • Above all, we hope you enjoy your Vooruit visit to the fullest!


New date

  • do 17 & vr 18.09.2020 - DECORATELIER JOZEF WOUTERS  - ‘Moments before the Wind’ (eerder aangekondigd als ‘The Soft Layer’)
  • wo 23 t.e.m. vr 25.09.2020 - FEMKE GYSELINCK - ‘Moving Ballads’
  • vr 02.10.2020 - DEMOCRAZY: ROOSBEEF (info: contact@democrazy.be)
  • wo 14 t.e.m. vr 16.10.2020 - BENJAMIN ABEL MEIRHAEGHE - ‘A Revue’ 
  • wo 20 & do 29.10.2020 - RUISKAMER #1: KALI MALONE
  • di 10.11.2020 - DEMOCRAZY: FACES ON TV (info: contact@democrazy.be
  • vr 13.11.2020 - DEMOCRAZY: LUKA BLOOM (info: contact@democrazy.be)
  • vr 27.11.2020 - DEMOCRAZY: SALVADOR SOBRAL (info: contact@democrazy.be)
  • za 28.11.2020 - DEMOCRAZY: WALLACE VANBORN (info: contact@democrazy.be
  • za 30.01.2021 - GREENHOUSE TALENT: SUZANNE VEGA (info: info@greenhousetalent.be)
  • vr 19.02.2021 - DEMOCRAZY: EEFJE DE VISSER (info: contact@democrazy.be)
  • vr 12.03.2021 - DEMOCRAZY: DUB FX (info: contact@democrazy.be)
  • do 01.04.2021 - DEMOCRAZY: ZWANGERE GUY (info: contact@democrazy.be)
  • wo 14.04.2021 - DUNK: GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT (info: info@vooruit.be)
  • di 04.05.2021 - GREENHOUSE TALENT: DE KREUNERS (info: info@greenhousetalent.be)
  • wo 05.05.2021 - DEMOCRAZY: BLACKWAVE. (info: contact@democrazy.be)
  • do 06.05.2021 DEMOCRAZY: DE MENS (info: contact@democrazy.be
  • za 08.05.2021 - RUMOUR: FRANK BOEIJEN (info: info@rumour.be)
  • vr 14.05.2021 - RUMOUR: STEF BOS (info: info@rumour.be
  • vr 21.05.2021 - DEMOCRAZY: PANDA DUB (info: contact@democrazy.be)
  • wo 03.11.2021 - DEMOCRAZY: FLEDDY MELCULY (info: contact@democrazy.be
  • do 18.11.2021 - DEMOCRAZY: ARNO (info: contact@democrazy.be

Postponed (still searching for a new date) 

  • JUANA MOLINA - 'For Fun' tour 
  • RAYMOND 70
  • LOD MUZIEKTHEATER / GORGES OCLOO - ‘Moby Dick, at last Queequeg speaks’
  • STEFANIE CLAES - ‘Mia Kermis’
  • ONTROEREND GOED - ‘Every Word Was Once An Animal’
  • JAN MARTENS / GRIP I.S.M. DANCE ON ENSEMBLE - ‘any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones’
  • TONEELHUIS / GUY CASSIERS - ‘Antigone in Molenbeek’ + ‘Tiresias’
  • LOD / MARLIES TACK, JAKOB AMPE & KRISTIEN DE PROOST - ‘Zoutmijnen en Zenuwlijders’




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