Residencies PLATFORM

As an arts institution, Vooruit supports artists various ways. Vooruit residents are at the center of our artistic program for the coming seasons and their projects are regularly included in our seasons and festivals.


Vooruit has on offer several studio's that throughout the season accomodate a host of different artists. These residents can count on us for rehearsal spaces and catering.

Lange termijn

Als Kunstinstelling verbindt Vooruit zich ertoe om artiesten, gezelschappen en organisaties ook op lange termijn te steunen voor een periode van meerdere jaren. De Vooruit-residenten staan centraal in het artistieke programma van een seizoen, en hun projecten en voorstellingen komen terug op festivals. Ze kunnen rekenen op technische, productionele en financiële ondersteuning van Vooruit. Hieronder vind je het overzicht van de artiesten, gezelschappen en organisaties die we op lange termijn ondersteunen.


Every season Vooruit co-produces a number of artistic projects. In addition to financial support, these projects also benefit from rehearsal space, technical support and in some cases a premiere at Vooruit. These are our co-productions for 2019-20:



In addition to supporting our artists- and organisations-in-residence, Vooruit continues to expand the Stadsatelier (City Atelier). Vooruit’s Stadsatelier is a research studio focusing on art and society and taking the city itself as the working environment. The artists supported as part of this initiative also collaborate on the realisation of Vooruit’s reflective moments, festivals and various other projects including Tot in de stad!, Future Heritage, and OPENBARE WERKEN, as well as a city residency during the Festival de Marseille and Dreamcity Tunis.

The cities everyone wants to live in should be clean and safe, possess efficient public services, be supported by a dynamic economy, provide cultural stimulation, and also do their best to heal society's divisions of race, class, and ethnicity. These are not the cities we live in.

Richard Sennett - The Open City

In 2020-21 we’ll be working with Vincen Beeckman, Katinka Dejonge, Samah Hijawi, Mirna Bamieh, Paoletta Holst, Simon Allemeersch, Fiona Hallinan, Robin Vanbesien & The Post Collective, Maarten Devrieze, Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Jong Gewei, Elly Van Eeghem, Peter Aers, Ruben Nachtergaele, Gosie Vervloessem, OpenStructures, Manoeuvre, De Koer, Konnektor, Croxhapox,, LUCA, KASK, Victoria Deluxe, Masereelfonds, ACV Gent-Eeklo, Hart boven Hard, UGent,...

We regularly organize an Artist Talk on Friday afternoons in the Open Atelier with residents working within the STADSATELIER.


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