Guest curators

 If you want something done, it’s not always better to do it yourself. Although we have our own in-house team of programmers, Vooruit also goes extra muros, in search of unique voices that stand to inform, challenge and feed our existing programme. They then descend on Vooruit with a whole host of artists in tow who are (as yet) unknown in Ghent. Our guest curators are tasked with putting together a focus programme exploring one or more themes.

Season 2019-2020

Eva Neklyaeva

Eva Neklyaeva (°Belarus) is a curator based in Santarcangelo di Romagna, a small town between the sea and the hills in central Italy. She is working as an artistic director of Santarcangelo, the Italian festival presenting and producing contemporary performance. Eva is concerned with the questions of freedom and focuses her practice on exploring these questions in the areas of art, politics and sexuality.

She is curating the festival WITH PLEASURE (12 until 14.12.2019 in Vooruit).

Want to know more? Read the interview with Eva Neklyaeva.

Season 2018-2019

Barbara Raes & Amenra

For AMEN & BEYOND Vooruit is inviting Barbara Raes from Beyond the Spoken, a workshop for unrecognised loss. Together with post-metal band Amenra she will guest-curate a programme focusing on the rituals at the heart of the band’s work: death, sacrificial offerings, departure and loss. These themes in turn form our point of departure for an exciting journey in May 2019.

Laivina Gundega

During SMELTCRUISE, the Vooruit season 18-19 kickoff, the Latvian Gundega Laivina will present a programme all about listening. Central to Gundega’s programme is an art route through Vooruit with the installation ‘Thirst’ by Voldemārs Johansons and intimate performances by the Latvian Kate Krolle and the Fin Hans Rosenström. There’s also ‘Ellipsis’, in which Kevin Trappeniers experiments with emptiness and intangible phenomena such as sound waves and light. And to cap it all off, the acclaimed British collective Forced Entertainment will perform ‘And on the Thousandth Night …’, a six-hour-long improvisation marathon.

We checked in with Gundega in her home city of Riga. Discover her Vooruit programme here.


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