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  • Base price
  • Reduced rate 1: for 65+ / groups of 15 people (not for schoolgroups)
  • Reduced rate 2: for -26 / persons with a disability / professionals (including the oKo pass) / or people with a VDAB proof of registration
  • Reduced rate 3: -18. You pay €8 for the Vooruit programme. School groups enjoy the same price (RSVP needed via


  • Box office price (add)
  • Presale price (vvk): valid until 5 pm on the day of the concert
  • €8 for -18


Once again this season you get to put together your own season tickets. This means no pre-made packages: you get to select performances and concerts to your heart’s desire. Depending on the number of performances, you get to choose one of the following season tickets, completely tailored to you. We like to reward you with great discounts! 

  • ABO SMALL >> 3 to 5 events >> 10% discount
  • ABO MEDIUM >> 6 to 9 events >> 15% discount
  • ABO LARGE >> 10 of meer events >> 20% discount
  • ABO UITGELEZEN >> 5 or more Uitgelezen-events >> 13% discount 

Order your season ticket. 

After ordering a season ticket you enjoy 10% discount off the base price for all subsequent Vooruit bookings (own programming). Please note: only one ticket per performance per subscriber, and only during the 2019-2020 season.


10x10, that's ten shows for just €10 a piece. This series showcasing new creations gives you the chance to discover the latest projects of exciting artists. And all this for the bargain price of €10. 10x10 is a project realised in collaboration with LOD muziektheater.  

Discover here the 10x10 programme.



UITPAS Gent is een digitale kaart voor iedereen die deelneemt aan allerlei vrijetijdsactiviteiten in Gent. Je spaart er punten mee die je vervolgens omruilt voor een korting, cadeau of ander voordeel. Ook in Vooruit kan je punten sparen wanneer je naar een Vooruit-voorstelling komt (eigen programma). In ruil voor slechts 15 punten kan je op zondag deelnemen aan een rondleiding achter de schermen van Vooruit. Deze punten kan je enkel aan de Ticketbalie omruilen.

Gentenaars die in aanmerking komen voor verhoogde tegemoetkoming of in schuldbemiddeling zijn, kunnen een UiTPAS met kansentarief aankopen. Daarmee krijg je extra korting: dan kost een ticket 20% van de standaard of avondkassaprijs.

Een ticket aan kansentarief koop je via de Ticketbalie van Vooruit. Mail je UiTPAS nummer door naar en de voorstelling naar keuze.

Je kan de UiTPAS niet kopen in Vooruit, maar wel bij verschillende verkooppunten in Gent. Op vind je alle locaties. 


Heb je een oKo-pas? Dan geniet je van een korting op alle podiumvoorstellingen in Vooruit. Opgelet: niet geldig voor tegast- en 10x10-producties. Tickets reserveren kan enkel via

European Disability Card

Mensen met een beperking - en hun begeleiders - kunnen met de European Disability Card gebruik maken van het kortingstarief. Deze kaart is een instrument om de toegang van personen met een beperking tot cultuur, sport en vrijetijdsbesteding te vergemakkelijken. Vraag jouw gratis kaart aan.

Gift voucher

Looking for an original gift idea? Give a Vooruit gift voucher and choose the voucher’s value yourself! This gift voucher is valid for all shows organised by Vooruit, but not in the Vooruit Café. Activities organised by rental partners cannot be paid for with the voucher. You can buy and use Vooruit gift vouchers when buying online and at our Ticket Desk. You also don't need to use your voucher’s full value all in one purchase. The voucher remains valid for a year after its issue date.

Waiting list 

When a show is sold out but there’s still a chance that tickets might become available again, we create a waiting list. To put your name down on the waiting list:

  • click on the ticket link for the event in question;
  • submit your details;
  • indicate the desired number of tickets, specifying the preferred price bracket.

If tickets become available again, we will notify you and send you a payment invitation that will remain valid for seven days.

Please note: a place on the waiting list is not a guarantee that you will receive tickets. We will keep the waiting list until 48 hours before the show. After that only the rules of the last-minute waiting-list system apply. This system is used when a number of tickets become available at the last minute.

Sales conditions

  • Performances start at 8:00 pm on the dot, unless otherwise stated on
  • Evening box office: from one hour before the start, at the location of the performance. We recommend that you pick up reserved tickets at least 20 minutes before the performance. After that they will be gone and re-sold at the box office.
  • In order not to disturb the performances, we don’t let anyone in after they start.
  • According to the Belgian law (art. 53 12° Code of Economic Law, Book VI), the purchaser has no right to cancel the purchase. Vooruit does not refund tickets of latecomers or unused tickets.
  • Waiting lists open from 12:00 pm on the day of the performance. For performances on the weekend or on a Monday we open the waiting list on Friday at 12:00 pm. Sign up at the Box Office on the evening of the performance, no later than 20 minutes before the show. Please note: a place on the waiting list does not guarantee access.
  • Keep your ticket on you during the break; this will allow for a smooth reentry.


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