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Unless otherwise stated, we’re currently only selling tickets for performances and concerts taking place during OUR FALL, i.e. those in the months of September, October, November, December and January. If you order tickets for 3 or more performances during OUR FALL, you get a 10% discount off the standard ticket price. You will receive a personal code with this discount. If you book performances for the spring programme, OUR SPRING, you can avail of this 10% discount once again.

Voo?uit has one standard ticket price and a young person's discount for those under 26. The discount cards we accept are the UiTPAS, the oKo-pass and the European Disability Card. No other discounts or discount cards are valid.

Any other questions? Shoot us an email at info@vooruit.be and we’ll be happy to assist you. Questions about COVID-19? Check our dedicated page.


We recommend you order your tickets online: the ordering procedure is easy and straight-forward. The ticket link can be found at the top right of the page for each production.

  • Find the page for the show in question on our site and click on the order button to order your tickets.
  • You can choose between e-tickets that you print yourself or tickets that are sent by post (up to 4 working days before the performance, otherwise they are available at the box office).
  • Paper tickets are no longer necessary: download your tickets onto your smartphone and we’ll scan the barcode at the entrance. Convenient and eco-friendly.
  • You can add tickets for different events to your shopping basket before you pay. Click on the shopping basket at the top right to see an overview of your order.
  • You can also pay online using Bancontact, Mister Cash, online banking, credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard), iDEAL or bank transfer (up to eight days before the show).

Don't want to pay online? You can also reserve via email: info@vooruit.be. Your reservation will then be processed as quickly as possible. You can also book by telephone on 09 267 28 28 or in person at the Voo?uit ticket desk. The ticket desk is open from Tuesday to Friday, from 12:00 to 17:00.


For each event, the standard ticket price is always listed first. The second price is the discount price for under-26-year-olds. For 10x10 productions there is a unit price of – you guessed it – €10. No other discounts or discount cards are valid.

Tickets for certain performances at the Minardschouwburg are on sale at the Voo?uit ticket desk. All info can be found on minard.be. Voo?uit is not responsible for the content of the programme at the Minardschouwburg.



UITPAS Gent is a digital card for people who like to attend all kinds of entertainment activities in Ghent. With this card you can save points that you then exchange for a discount, gift or other benefit. At Voo?uit you can save points when you go to a Vooruit show (i.e. one from our own programme). In exchange for only 15 points, you can attend a behind-the-scenes tour of Voo?uit, which takes place on Sundays. These points can only be traded in at the Ticket Desk.

Ghent residents who are eligible for welfare benefits or who are in debt mediation can purchase an UiTPAS at a reduced rate. This effectively gives you an extra discount: a ticket then costs 20% of the standard or evening box office price. Tickets can be purchased at a reduced rate from the Voo?uit ticket office. So always remember to bring your UiTPAS along with you when you make a reservation, or email your UiTPAS number in advance to info@vooruit.be.  

You cannot buy the UiTPAS at Voo?uit, but it is available from various sales points in Ghent. You can find all those locations at the website uitin.gent.be. 

oKo pass

With an oKo pass you can enjoy a €4 discount on all stage shows at Voo?uit. Please note: not valid for ‘tegast’ or 10x10 productions. Tickets can only be booked via info@vooruit.be.  

European Disability Card

People with disabilities – and their carers – can use the European Disability Card to avail of the discounted rate. This card facilitates access to culture, sports and leisure activities for persons with disabilities. Request your free card.


Coming to Voo?uit as a group? Then you get a €2 discount on the standard ticket price. The group rate applies for groups of 15 persons or more, and for every 15 paying tickets you get one free ticket. Group reservations can only be made via info@vooruit.be and must be paid within one month after reservation. Please note: we allow for a maximum of two groups per performance.  


Schools may avail of the reduced rate (for persons under 26 years of age). The school rate applies for groups of 15 persons or more, and for 15 paying tickets you get one free ticket. Group reservations can only be made via info@vooruit.be and must be paid within one month after reservation. Please note: we allow for a maximum of two groups per performance.

Would you like to arrange an introduction or a pre-show discussion? We’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Send a mail to publiekswerking@vooruit.be and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


When a show is sold out but there’s still a chance that tickets might become available again, we create a waiting list. To put your name down on the waiting list:

  • click on the ticket link for the event in question;
  • submit your details;
  • indicate the desired number of tickets, specifying the preferred price bracket.

If tickets become available again, we will notify you and send you a payment invitation that will remain valid for seven days.

Please note: a place on the waiting list is not a guarantee that you will receive tickets. We will keep the waiting list until 48 hours before the show. After that only the rules of the last-minute waiting-list system apply. This system is used when a number of tickets become available at the last minute.

Looking for an original gift idea? Give a Voo?uit gift voucher and choose the voucher’s value yourself! This gift voucher is valid for all shows organised by Voo?uit, but not in the Voo?uit Café. Activities organised by rental partners cannot be paid for with the voucher. You can buy and use Vooruit gift vouchers when buying online and at our Ticket Desk. You also don't need to use your voucher’s full value all in one purchase. The voucher remains valid for a year after its issue date.

How does the recipient use the voucher? On each voucher is a unique code. You can input this code when buying tickets online to use the credit on the voucher. The ticket price is then deducted from the voucher's credit. Vooruit gift vouchers can also be used to pay at the Ticket Desk.


  • Performances start at 8:00 pm on the dot, unless otherwise stated. In order not to disturb the performances, we don’t let anyone in after they start - unless it is a relaxed performance.
  • According to the Belgian law (art. 53 12° Code of Economic Law, Book VI), the purchaser has no right to cancel the purchase. Voo?uit does not refund tickets of latecomers or unused tickets.


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