We make Vooruit

Vooruit is making the change to a horizontal organisational structure. The process is guided by a team that meets once a week. This team consists of a fixed core of twelve people, supplemented by all Vooruit employees who wish to table an issue for discussion.

Vooruit’s 92 employees are organised into a coordination team, expert teams, realisation teams and future teams. In this collaborative model, the focus is on roles in addition to functions. These roles change and adapt, such that everyone at Vooruit can adopt a leading role. Together we develop plans and realise goals, but we rely on our own initiative as individuals. In this way the guidance and performance of duties add up to a whole, allowing the expertise and skills of each individual to be utilised to the full. Transparent internal communication is crucial in making this a workable model.

Vooruit is not a model, however, but an attitude. The attitude of an arts institution that seeks to challenge both itself and the field of art, that seeks to attend to the interests of its artists, audience, volunteers and employees.



Franky Devos - general coordination







  • Willie Verhoysen – coordination of horeca
  • Tom De Vleesschauwer - kitchen coordination
  • Anne-Jan Brouwer - bar coordination by night
  • Klaas Ramakers - bar coordination by day
  • Cathérine Desmet – horeca assistence
  • Silvia Aguirre – chef
  • Tim Burm - chef
  • Bram Huys - chef
  • Mike Vandekerckhove - chef
  • Griet Van Herck - chef
  • Zeli Bauwens - bar
  • Alice Cortesia - bar
  • Ine De Vos - bar
  • Julien Ghammache - bar
  • Michiel Gijselinckx - bar
  • Nayibe Gonzalez – bar
  • Micha Ivanov - bar
  • Charlotte Massez - bar
  • Matthieu Mahau
  • Gaël Steenbeke - bar
  • Sofie Strumane - bar
  • Flávio Stols - bar


  • Mario Schelfaut - coordination event supervision
    Ilse Bosch - event supervision
  • Anne-Jan Brouwer - event supervision
  • Sven Roef – event supervision and prevention
  • Martine Van Mieghem – event supervision


  • Mario Schelfaut - coordination of cleaning services
  • Carine Thienpont – planning of cleaning services
  • Nafeesa Akram - cleaning
  • Marleen Cnudde – cleaning
  • Jolanda Lelsz – cleaning
  • Mohammed Maarouf – cleaning
  • Viviane Van Blanckenberg – cleaning
  • Tamara Vincent – cleaning
  • Philippe Herreman - cleaning
  • Mersin Ropapj - cleaning
  • Evren Aydin - cleaning
  • Jafari Zakir - cleaning
  • Mihaylova Tanya Arsova - cleaning



  • Bart De Wilde – coordination of building management
  • Achim Biebouw – building management
  • Thomas Källström - building management
  • Sven Mulkay – building management
  • Bjorn Van Gompel – building management
  • Beslan Gambulatov - building management


  • Peter Misschaert – coordination of stage management
  • Karel Clemminck - coordination of stage management
  • Kim Aernoudt – stage manager
    Dries De Wulf - stage engineer
    Dimitri Joly - stage manager
  • David Moons – stage manager
  • Jarne Pollet - stage manager
  • Dries Hoof - stage engineer
  • Giel Lavens - stage engineer
  • Wout Roelants - stage manager
  • Bert Van Maris - stage engineer


  • Paul Teerlinck – voorzitter
  • Sammy Bouzoumita
  • Alain Clauwaert
  • Brigitte Herremans
  • Marc Standaert
  • Barbara Van den Bossche
  • Lien Van de Velde
  • Isabelle Van Cauwenberge
  • Eva Van Hoorde
  • Astrid Vandendaele


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