Rent one of Vooruit’s spaces 

Vooruit is housed in a 100-year-old listed building containing over three hundred rooms, corridors and corners. We have four different concert halls, an equal number of studios and a large café with adjoining terrace. Looking for the perfect location for your event? At Vooruit we make our spaces accessible to external parties, renting our stages, halls and studios for events.

Whether you’re organising a party, concert, lecture or seminar, our spaces offer many possibilities. Below you’ll find an overview of the standard formulas we currently offer. Looking for something different? We are happy to put our heads together with event organisers to arrive at the ideal concept.


  • vibrant location in the heart of Ghent
  • historical building
  • various halls, each with a unique atmosphere and history
  • professional productional & technical support
  • catering
  • easily reachable and accessible to all

Parties and concerts

The façade of Vooruit is proudly emblazoned with the word ‘Feestlokaal’, meaning ‘party venue’. Hosting over 70 parties a year, Vooruit is still well and truly honouring that declaration to this day. Vooruit is still the number one location for exciting parties and concerts in Ghent.

With the Concertzaal (capacity: 1,110 people) and the Balzaal (420 people), Vooruit is home to two historic spaces that are perfectly suited for parties and concerts.

We provide the following professional support and more for such events: security, cloakroom, staffed toilets, signage. We also have different bar formulas. 


Are you organising a seminar or commercial event? We will be happy to help you develop a fitting concept. Our spaces are inspiring to guests and attendees alike and offer a multitude of possibilities. Our team of stage engineers will ensure you have the necessary technical support. Would you like to combine your event with a reception, standing buffet or company party? In-house catering is always available. Vooruit offers sustainable food; read more about our culinary vision here.

Would you like to take in a theatre show, concert or something else from the Vooruit programme afterwards? Contact us in good time and we’ll do our best to put together the perfect programme for you. 

Our spaces 

Request a quote

Our tariffs are largely dependent on the kind of event you’re looking to organise and the facilities you would like to avail of. Because there are many possibilities and formulas on offer, we prefer to offer a quote that is tailored to your specific needs.

For a no-obligation quote or to request further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our space rental department: 

T + 32 (0) 9 267 28 72 (reachable on the phone on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 13:00 to 17:00)

Be sure to provide sufficient information about your event (the kind of event, the desired date or period, your estimation of the duration, the expected attendance, technical requirements, whether or not catering is required, etc). The more info we receive, the easier it is for us to provide a quote that reflects the different possibilities and takes into account your wishes and requirements). If desired, it’s always possible to organise a visit to the location, where we’ll show you around our building.


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