Voo?uit has selected three young participants from its community: Adel Khelifi, Andy Sarfo & Chryssoula Zerva to follow, monitor and report back on the research project How To Be Together. 

During the project a temporary camp by a community of 50 participants will investigate possible forms of togetherness and new relational geographies. 

How To Be Together sounds like a question obsessively asked by the pandemic crisis in 2020, which deeply atomized the social fabric by emptying public spaces, relegating them to the sphere of forbidden desire and confining bodies into the private and individual sphere. Aware that collaborative practices can overthrow the critical scenario generated by the current neoliberal system, the village aspires to become a place for creating alternative scenarios, an exercise in worldmaking, a speculative act allowing to transform the cacophony of the present into the chorus of a unison. The camp is conceived as a turbine of multiple voices, bodies and perspectives, an imaginative site to cultivate and accelerate possible responses to current, urgent questions.

The aim of the report is to bring back critical perspectives of younger people on these questions of togetherness back to Voo?uit / Ghent.

This initiative is part of the BEPART Creative Europe project.