Voo?uit Arts Centre has decided to seek a new name and thus set aside its dispute with political party SP.A, which announced in early September that it would use the name Vooruit for its new movement.

Voo?uit Arts Centre is of the opinion that it would be unworkable for both organisations to bear the same name. This would undermine the neutrality and independence of the arts centre, cause confusion among artists and public alike, and hinder relationships with sponsors, governments, rental partners, and the hundreds of other partners that contribute to shaping our artistic programme each year. Voo?uit welcomes 350,000 visitors each year and actively seeks to be open to all, regardless of colour, gender, political preference, etc. 

Voo?uit Arts Centre is not a valueless organisation, but it is a neutral place with regard to party politics. We wish to keep it that way. Since the beginning of Vooruit Arts Centre in 1982, it was clear to the hundreds of volunteers and artists that the development of an international arts centre was impossible under a party-political name.

We wish to keep control over our name and reputation, and this is difficult to do when you have two organisations speaking in the same name.


The name change represents a unique moment in the history of Voo?uit Arts Centre. In 1982, young Ghentians saved the dilapidated building of the Vooruit socialist cooperative from destruction. Over the past 38 years, it has been further developed by hundreds of staff members and artists to become one of the leading arts institutions in Europe. With 350,000 visitors each year attending 620 theatre and dance productions, concerts and debates. These artistic activities are independent of the building’s party-political history, although a strong social and ecological commitment are important aspects of the art centre’s identity.

Voo?uit Arts Centre will be choosing the new name in the coming weeks and will make this a broadly representative and participative process. This is a unique chance to get a wide and diverse audience more actively involved in the further development of this unique arts centre. We aim to announce the new name by the end of February 2021. The incorporation of the new name and house style on and in the building, as well as in all online and offline communications, should be complete by the end of May 2021.

Paul Teerlinck, Executive Board chairman
Franky Devos, General Coordinator
on behalf of the board of directors and the team of Voo?uit


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