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Posthuman / Liesbet Hermans is looking for dancers, actors, performers.


'A Deluded State of Mind' (première 2021) reconsiders separation. The illusion that there is an independent me and an independent world. Hermans wants to approach this idea from a wider philosophical perspective in order to retrace it in the corporeal and mindful interactions between the performer and the spectator. 

The performance is set-up as a guided duo-walk where the spectator steps into the performer’s traces. How does s/he physically and mentally interact, exchange and contaminate the performance? How can the body of the performer be part of the phenomenological body of a spectator? Which impact does an urban context have on the perception of performance and audience? Is there a way to ‘perform’ this activity of our minds? 

The research started in 2019 from a performative walk in silence, one on one. We are researching themes as object/subject, awareness/observation etc. These experiments will be further developed in a studio practice in Vooruit (dates below). We are looking for performers whose profile has a strong affinity with movement and body perception (f.e dancers, performers, actors, drama or dance therapists). The studio practice in will be a combination of silent duo-walks, physical research around the perception of different environments and mental states, noticing and observing the mind, share and reflect.


tue 24 until sat 28.03 - 09:30 until 17:00 in Vooruit
Inscribe before 02.03 by filling in this link: https://forms.gle/QbvoZuPoZrq5NgHJ8


Liesbet Hermans (BE, 1981°) is a conceptual artist and curator. A main question in her art practice is: where did we forget to be human? She graduated as a master in productdesign at Lucas School of Arts with a thesis on the impact of human body language on design. This fascination for bodytalk and non- verbal communication was her motivation to follow an international training in physical theater and mime in Madrid. She is the founder and curator of mute, an artfestival in silence, an intuitive workspace that creates a context for performances without words.

For more info or questions: liesbet@posthuman.be

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