Sooraj Subramaniam

Sooraj Subramaniam (°1979) grew up in Malaysia, training initially in the Indian classical dance styles of Bharatanatyam and Odissi, and later on in classical ballet and contemporary forms. He graduated from the Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts in 2006. Since then, Sooraj has had a wealth of performing and teaching experience in the UK and across Europe.

Since moving to Belgium in 2012, Sooraj has been pursuing his own choreographic voice. His most recent solo, ‘Nimbus’, was created out of the fascination of seeing shapes in clouds, and is made through an organic amalgam of vocabularies. Whilst not expressly political, his work attempts to defy narrow labels such as classical or urban, traditional or contemporary, and is situated somewhere in the middle of that. 

Being led by movement, and maintaining a strong relationship with music, Sooraj investigates the meeting points of two apparently disparate dance vocabularies: Odissi, a lyrical, sensuous dance style from the east-Indian state of Odisha, and hip hop, a style that fascinates him for its urgent, explosive nature. Through this meeting he aims to arrive at a new vocabulary that reflects his own hybrid identity and working style.  

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