Ontroerend Goed

Ontroerend Goed delivers intense experiences, constructed within the reality of the theatre. With the conviction that life goes on, even during a show, the group immerses the audience in the realities they have conceived, encouraging us to question our positions in the world today as individuals. Under the leadership of artistic director Alexander Devriendt, the collective values the individual contributions and artistic ownership of their co-creators, from actors to light designers, scenographers to concept initiators.

In their debut ‘The Smile Off Your Face’ (2004), the audience of one was blindfolded and bound to a wheelchair. Since then the company does its best to find other ways of keeping the audience glued to their seats. Ontroerend Goed strives for an intense theatrical experience with creations that revolve around the fleeting nature of setbacks. Because life goes on, after all – even during the show. Creations such as ‘Fight Night’ (2013), ‘Are we not drawn onward to new erA’ (2015), ‘£¥€$’ (2017) and ‘Loopstation’ (2018) - all to be seen in Vooruit - achieved great success and now tour the world, some in the form of extremely intimate one-on-one performances, some filling grand theatres. Formal unpredictability is one of the company’s calling cards.

At Vooruit