Susana Silva Morales

Susana Silva Morales is president of the Asháninka federation FABU (Federación Asháninka del Bajo Urubamba) in the Peruvian Amazon (province of Atalaya in the department of Ucayali). As the daughter of Bernardo Silva, one of the first activists for the defence of their ancestral territories who freed his Asháninka brothers and sisters from slavery in the 1980s, she continues this work. Susana is dedicated to the defence of their ancestral territories and nature. Her objective is that all indigenous communities obtain land titles so that they can conserve the forests and keep the harmonious relationship with our mother nature alive from generation to generation.

Susana has been elected Ambassador of Universal Peace by the UPF (Universal Peace Federation), an organisation affiliated to the United Nations. To her, having titled healthy areas is a symbol of peace.

With FABU, she is currently working for land titles for the community Inshatoshi Guardianes del Bosque (Protectors of the Forest), where landless Asháninka from the region or families from overpopulated communities can settle. In this way, they also want to secure this large area of land for future generations. They want to protect the forest and provide a buffer for the El Sira nature reserve, where indigenous groups live in isolation.

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