Vooruit is giving guest curator Eva Neklyaeva free rein. She’ll be inviting everybody to come and explore the complexity of contemporary sexual expression together, at the intersection of performance and visual art, feminist porn, sex-related podcasts, BDSM, the latest sex tech, role play and sex-positive education. To imagine a world where consensual sexual pleasure is a human right.

Come alone or bring friends and partners. Meet new people. Learn a trick or two. Have a laugh and find out where your vulnerability lies. Lay back and listen to amazing podcasts, learn a bit about bondage, watch some porn that shows real pleasure, ask anything you want to know, watch a show, stay for the party. Find what turns you on, or how consent fits into all of this. This winter, let’s celebrate the diverse and creative sexuality that starts where the patriarchy ends.

with the support of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux

thu 12 - sat 14.12