Festival Van De Gelijkheid
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Festival Van De Gelijkheid 2019


A festival for the mind and the body – that’s Ghent’s Festival van de Gelijkheid (Festival of Equality). For the seventh year in a row the festival will be providing a shot of positive energy to get you through the dark winter months. A place for dialogue and coming together, as an alternative to bitterness and polarisation.

We were taken aback by the attendance at the last edition, with over 16,000 of you descending on Vooruit. But most of all we were thankful and driven to make this year’s edition equally fantastic.

And so we’re presently hammering away at another three-day festival programme. A festival of panels, sofa chat, documentaries, poetry and slam, expos, illustrations, swap meets, theatre, performance, music, dance, book clubs … and of course a riotous party to draw a close to those crazy festival days.

The full programme will be announced at the end of September on www.festivalgelijkheid.be

Wed 27.11 till Sat 30.11
org Curieus