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Festival van de Architectuur (F/a)


For the second edition of the FESTIVAL VAN DE ARCHITECTUUR, the Flemish Architecture Institute (VAi) is putting down its foundations in Ghent, with Vooruit as its base. Together with the Ghent City Architect the festival invites you to see, feel, hear and experience the relevance of architecture (in the broadest sense) in and around Vooruit.

Central to this edition is the theme of ‘connection’. In the city of tomorrow, we’ll not only live closer to one another but share our space more creatively. What about a sports hall on the roof of a supermarket? Or a park on stilts? Architecture will play a crucial role in this: not only does it have the power to connect buildings with their functions, it can also bring people closer together. Vooruit will be at the epicentre of the week’s events.

All details on festivalvandearchitectuur.be.

za 21.09 t.e.m. vr 27.09


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