Out The Frame

Out The Frame

Explore the unfolding universe of hip hop

March 23 – mark it in your diary and underline it twice, because it’s time for the second edition of OUT THE FRAME, organised by Vooruit and All Eyes on Hip Hop. A one-day hip-hop festival that gleefully colours outside the lines of typical hip hop and welcomes influences from indie, electronica, spoken word and R&B. Discover adventurous new projects from established artists, the hip-hop headliners of tomorrow and a melting pot of styles. Come and explore the ever-expanding universe of hip hop.

“The inaugural Out The Frame Festival is a lesson in female power, Belgian hip hop and Afrofuturistic capabilities. (...) . The line-up is full of underground sounds that teeter on the fringes of mainstream hip hop.” - The Quietus

Full line-up

Lotic: ‘Endless Power’ / Lafawndah / Charlotte Adigéry / DVTCH NORRIS / Glints / BbyMutha / Lander Gyselinck & Quelle Chris / Barney Artist / Connie Constance / Dope Saint Jude / Prison Religion / Coby Sey / Luie Louis & De Luie Live Band / Martha Da'ro / Rare Akuma / STILL: ‘GOVERMENT’ featuring Devon Miles & Freweini Zewoldi

+ Afterparty with Lefto / Gayance

Sat 23.03 - 19:30 Vooruit Balzaal, Café en Scène Theaterzaal
€20 / 17 (presale)
Grouptickets (Starting from 5 tickets) = €15

Timetable TBA!

Together with All Eyes On Hip Hop


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