De aftrap van het Vooruit-seizoen 2018-2019!

Kicking off the Vooruit season 2018-2019

sat 15 >> sun 30.09

theater / performance / installation / electronica / graphic novel / nightlife / #gastcurator / #resident / #stadsatelier / #tegast

We’re kicking off the new Vooruit season with SMELTCRUISE. For two weeks long you’ll get a taster of EVERYTHING Vooruit has in store. A tantalising mix of adventurous concerts, debates and research projects, nightlife, literature, moving stage performances and a festive Wild Brunch in the Vooruit Café. In these times of incessant barrages of impulses and sounds, Latvian Curator Gundega Laivina brings us ‘The Third Ear’, an invitation to listen. To share the space built from sound, words and stories, to experience its tactility. To share the moment when the sense of hearing becomes the skill of listening.

At the core of Gundega’s programme is an art route through Vooruit, featuring the installation ‘Thirst’ by sound artist Voldemārs Johansons and intimate performances by the Latvian Kate Krolle and the Fin Hans Rosenström. There’s also ‘Ellipsis’, in which Kevin Trappeniers experiments with emptiness and intangible phenomena such as sound waves and light. And to cap it all off, the acclaimed British collective Forced Entertainment will perform ‘And on the Thousandth Night ... ‘, a six-hour-long improvisation marathon.

But that’s by no means all we have in store for you. You can expect concerts from exciting artists, including a performance by the unique electro phenomenon Gazelle Twin and the scorching comeback of Ghanaian rap superstar Ata Kak. During ZIGO Live and Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast we’ll take some time to ponder some of the big issues in society today. And it’s not only ‘back to school’ for Vooruit; college classes will be resuming around the same time, which means students will be able to unwind after their first days back with parties such as HiNDU NiGHTS and HEET.

Explore. Experience. Discover Vooruit.


in collaboration with: Springstof / Treehouse / Stad Gent / LOD muziektheater / NTGent



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