Cüneyt Sepetçi

Vooruit & Kraak present

Cüneyt Sepetçi / Gwenifer Raymond / 75 Dollar Bill & Friends / Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers
Eastern Daze V
Sat. 24.11.2018 19:45 - Sun. 25.11.2018 00:30
Sat 24.11.'18
Sun 25.11.'18
19:45 - 00:30
  • Sat 24.11.'18
    Sun 25.11.'18
    19:45 - 00:30

A Journey through undisclosed musical traditions

Cüneyt Sepetçi

Istanbul is historically a multi layered and complex crossing point of cultures, warped by bizarre historically twists and turns. The city is a labyrinth, blending Eastern and European traditions into new forms of arts and partying. In this epicenter blends the Turkish-Roma clarinet player Cüneyt Sepetci party and wedding music with tradition, microtonal keyboard lines and blasting polyrhythms. And oh, man, Turkish people know how to party…

75 Dollar Bill & Friends

Duo that excels in a very simple and straight forward concept: a microtonal guitar, a self-built wooden rhythmn box, some Mauritanian guitar mastery and primal rhythm ‘n’ blues drumming. 75 Dollar Bill & Friends is our favorite guitar-wooden box duo of all times, with their out-of-tune psychedelic take on cigar-box blues and psychedelic guitar music from all over the globe. If you wouldn’t know, you could assume they are from the Sahel, or that they are a contemporary version of Thai Molam Bands, or a New York based hipster concept band. In any way, their concerts are deconstructed psychedelic bombs, and their last record ended up as many critics’ favorite record of 2017. 

Gwenifer Raymond

Yes, this young fine lady plays acoustic guitar… and yes, there is definitely a clear line to the Jack Rose and John Fahey heritage in her American Primitive instrumentals. But Raymond assimilates this tradition of old ragtime blues with style, splendour and craft(wo)menship. It’s traditional music, but cast in the 21th century: poetic, authentic guitar music informed by tradition, skill and pureness.

Gwenifer Raymonds songs are antidotes to an era obsessed by the new, trapped in a deadlock where it seems impossible to engage in genuine new experiences. They remind us of the fact that we have to embed ourselves in tradition and skill to become true humans experiencing beauty and life.

Chouk Bwa & The The Ångstromers

Voodoo is seriously misconceived as a set of black magic, dark rituals, wizardry, dolls and other stupid clichés — (mis)informed by racist and colonialist thinking. Out there, it is a deep spiritual way of life, all about friendship and sharing. Not by accident, Voodoo has an awesome tradition of Haitian trancedelic dance music. One of the vanguards are Chouk Bwa. They hail from Northern Haiti, and proudly represent the tradition, infusing brutal polyrhythm music with call-and-response chants.

Last year they teamed up with The The Ångstromers — a match made in heaven. The Brussels based noisicians injected Chouk Bwa’s abstract polyrhythms with fair dose of spacious electronics and dubby space echo. The result is a genuine blend of the best of both worlds, and at best a proposition what music should be in the future: an identity dissolving and disauthentic experience that projects a collective humanism rooted in tradition and futurism. For fans of Jeri Jeri, Mark Ernestus and Konono nr 1.


Sat 24.11 - 20:00 Vooruit Balzaal
€15 / 12 (presale)

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combi zaterdag: €20 / 17 (presale) 
combi vrijdag & zaterdag: €25 / 22 (presale) 

together with KRAAK, KASKcinema & Atelier Mediakunst


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