Alexia Leysen - Knaus
Alexia Leysen

Alexia Leysen & Valentijn Dhaenens / BRUT

10x10 / Première
Fri. 12.04.2019 - Sat. 13.04.2019
Fri 12.04.'19
Sat 13.04.'19

 Dissecting the controversy surrounding author Karl Ove Knausgård

 The Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård is one of the most popular writers of the moment. The books of his ‘My Struggle’ and ‘Seasonal Encyclopaedia’ series are worldwide best-sellers. In his oeuvre of more than 3,500 pages the Norwegian, armed with only his pen, attempts to transcend the banality of his own small existence. Knausgård’s work has also been met with controversy, however: in his books he shamelessly smears his own private life and that of named friends and family.

In ‘KNAUS’, director Alexia Leysen and actor Valentijn Dhaenens try to unravel the reasons Knausgård went so far. Because surely one would have to ask oneself: Why did I do that? And with what right?

Dagen Zonder Vlees (‘Days Without Meat’) founder Alexia Leysen is gradually conquering the Flemish theatre world. In 2016 she was awarded the Dioraphte Cement Prize for emerging theatremakers. On stage, she is assisted by monologue virtuoso Valentine Dhaenens, who crawls into the skin of the Norwegian. The audience was hanging on his every word a few years back when he performed in ‘DeKleineOorlog’ at Vooruit.

 Lees hier het interview van Suzanne Grotenhuis met Alexia Leysen en Mieke Versyp.

Part of


regie/direction: Alexia Leysen - spel/performance Valentijn Dhaenens - tekst/text: Alexia Leysen naar/after Knausgård - Scenografie/scenography: Stef Stessel - Dramaturgie / dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp - Techniek/Technician: Thomas Vermaercke - Productieleiding/Proudction manager: Yuni Mahieu - productie/production: detheatermaker, BRUT, Vooruit, Villanella - met steun van/with support of: Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren - Met dank aan / thanks to Greet Jacobs, Freek Vielen, De Nwe Tijd, Troubleyn en iedereen uit THE KNAUSGÅRD/HASSELBLAD SERIES

Nederlands gesproken / in Dutch



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