Amen & Beyond

Gisèle Vienne

Sat 25.05
Sun 26.05
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 Sexuality, violence and gruesome aesthetics

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Amen & Beyond

‘Jerk’ is an imaginary reconstruction of crimes committed by the American serial killer Dean Corll. In the seventies, with the assistance of two teenagers, David Brooks and Wayne Henley, he murdered over 20 boys in Texas. Brooks is serving life in prison. In the cell he learns the art of puppet theatre, which helps him to face up to his involvement in the crimes. He reconstructs the murders of Corll with puppets playing all the roles.

‘Jerk’ shamelessly combines sexuality, violence and gruesome aesthetics in a callback to traditional puppet shows, in which puppets were used to portray violent and unlawful characters. The story, despite its realism, seems to border on the surreal. The French theatremaker Gisèle Vienne plays with the tension between fantasy, reality and our perception.


SAT 25 (22:00) & SUN 26.05 (16:00) - Domzaal
theater / performance / #gastcurator
€16 / 14 / 12 / 8


creatie & regie/creation & direction: Gisèle Vienne - creatie/creation & performance: Jonathan Capdevielle - originele muziek/original music: Peter Rehberg & El Mundo Frio by Corrupted - poppen/puppets: Gisèle Vienne & Dorothéa Vienne Pollak - met dank aan/acknowledgements to: Atelier de création radiophonique de France Culture, Philippe Langlois and Franck Smith, Sophie Bissantz, Justin Bartlett, Nayland Blake, Alcinda Carreira-Marin, Florimon, Ludovic Poulet, Anne S – Villa Arson, Thomas Scimeca, Yury Smirnov, Scott Treleaven, la galerie Air de Paris, Tim/IRIS & Jean-Paul Vienne

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