Moya Michael

Coloured Swan 1: Khoiswan
thu 21
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Een persoonlijke danssolo

In ‘COLOURED SWANS’, dancer, performer and choreographer Moya Michael wonders how the various different identities that are imposed on us might influence our body and how we move, speak and sing. She invites artists from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to accompany her in this quest and to share their personal stories. Each encounter leads to a solo piece, created for and with the artist. Moya will show 'COLOURED SWANS I' during SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT.

In ‘COLOURED SWANS I: KhoiSwan’ Michael teams up with visual- and performance artist Tracey Rose to explore their African roots and heritage. They investigate where they stand today as women of colour and as descendants of the Khoi peoples of southern Africa.



concept, performance & choreography: Moya Michael - in collaboration with: Tracey Rose - production: Kosmonaut & Cokot - coproduction: Dance Umbrella festival, KVS, BOZAR & Vooruit - with support of: Flemish Government delegation in South Africa // ‘Eldorado’: concept & choreography: Moya Michael - performer: David Hernandez - production: Kosmonaut & Cokot - coproduction: KVS, BOZAR & Vooruit