Oona Doherty

Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus
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 Pounding, sweaty and physical dance theatre

 A black car with its headlights on. Music blaring from the car stereo. A man tells his story and morphs from one character to another, all stereotypes of certain cultural and social classes. He takes the audience down forgotten roads and memories, on the hunt for hope.

In ‘Hope Hunt’, the Northern Irish choreographer Oona Doherty combines threatening gestures with the elegant movements of classical dance. A piece of pounding, sweaty and physical dance theatre that straddles the fine line between comedy and tragedy. It has already won Doherty the Best Performance Award at the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival in 2016 and the Edinburgh Fringe Total Theatre Award in 2017. “You can’t help but be moved.” - Dublin Fringe Review

In ‘Hope Hunt’ our ideas about masculinity and morality are put through the wringer via language, movement and sound. Maligned and rejected ‘lowlifes’ are revalued. What impact does it have on us when we are forced to hang up our dreams and ambitions? How does boredom affect our psyche? What is the importance of believing in yourself? Because wherever you come from, and to whichever social class you belong, each one of us has an innate need to love and be loved.

Maria Falconer
Maria Falconer


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