Karin van de Wiel

Margo van de Linde

Improvised Feminism
Tue 29.01
Wed 30.01
  • Tue 29.01
    10:00 - 11:30
    Foyer Theaterzaal - NL
    Past event
  • Tue 29.01
    14:00 - 15:30
    Foyer Theaterzaal - NL
    Past event
  • Wed 30.01
    18:00 - 19:30
    Foyer Theaterzaal - ENG
    Past event

 How can we make feminism less heavy?

Theatremaker and singer Margo van de Linde thinks of herself as a feminist: someone who believes in the complete equality of the sexes. Yet she doesn’t always dare to openly identify as such. Why is that? Do others feel the same? And can she as a theatremaker make the subject more accessible?

Feminism is a loaded subject, one linked to a history of differing viewpoints, a canon of theoretical texts and a fair share of controversy. It’s easy to feel like we are not qualified to join the conversation. What if someone finds out we haven’t read all the books of Simone de Beauvoir or Sojourner Truth? If a topic seems too heavy we tend to steer clear of it. But this only serves to perpetuate prevailing sexist habits.

Margo van de Linde wants to tackle the subject of feminism. With you. In an intimate setting and in a group discussion of no more than 15 participants. A discussion based on personal experiences rather than theory. Taking inspiration from the stories under discussion, two actresses provide accompanying imagery to make the issues more tangible, to provoke further discussion. And to give us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves every now and then.

Karin van de Wiel


creation & director: Margo van de Linde - performers: Annefleur Schep & Margo van de Linde
The show on 31.01 will be in English. 

€10 / 8 

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