Lobke Leirens & Maxim Storms

10x10 / première
Fri. 07.12.2018 - Sat. 08.12.2018
Fri 07.12.'18
Sat 08.12.'18

The apocalypse heralded by symphonic cries and strange folk dancing 

The apocalypse has inspired innumerably artistic visions, but you've never seen the last judgement so absurd and darkly humorous. With symphonic cries and strange folk dances, Lobke Leirens and Maxim Storms create their own ritual of doom, like wonky marionettes. Together they face the final curtain. And await their demise.

Lobke Leirens and Maxim Storms are interested in exploring the absurdity in the dark and the comic. At TAZ#2014 they excelled with the labyrinthine­ production ‘KROCHT’, based on Dante's Inferno. In 2017 the duo made ‘Another One’, about a couple whose relationship has stagnated and who turn to masochistic rituals in order to transcend themselves and each other. ‘Another One’ was selected by Circuit X 2017 and toured in Belgium and abroad. They were awarded the prestigious Total Theatre Award after being selected by Big in Belgium 2018.

Part of


by & with: Lobke Leirens & Maxim Storms - costumes: Sietske Van Aerde - set design: Rachid Laachir - set: Rachid Laachir, Laurens Duerinck - coach: Jan Steen - support: Ruth Mariën/vzwDRIFT - coproduction: Vooruit & Arenberg - thanks to: De Grote Post en KAAP



€10 / 10 / 10 / 8


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