Peeping Tom

Wed. 08.06.2022 - Thu. 09.06.2022
Wed 08.06.'22
Thu 09.06.'22

Fear, pressure, doubt & growing up through the perspective of a child

Kind’ is the third instalment in a family trilogy that started in 2014 with ‘Vader’ and was followed by ‘Moeder’ in 2016. As ‘Kind’ means child in Dutch, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this story is told from the perspective of children. Directors Franck Chartier and Gabriela Carrizo together unravel the internal and external worlds of children. Every action in ‘Kind’ is rooted in the fears and desires experienced by children. ‘Kind’ takes a closer look at how growing up translates into gestures and body language.

At the same time, Carrizo and Chartier examine the way children express their fears. How do they react in traumatic situations, when there are no parents around? What is their search for truth like and how do they organise their world while growing up?


Wed 08 & Thu 09.06 - 20:00 De Vooruit Theaterzaal
PODIUM / dance / theatre
€22 / 18
80 min.


concept & direction: Gabriela Carrizo & Franck Chartier- creation and performance: Eurudike De Beul, Marie Gyselbrecht, Hun-Mok Jung, Brandon Lagaert, Yi-chun Liu, Maria Carolina Vieira (formerly) - Artistic assistance: Lulu Tikovsky - sound composition: Raphaëlle Latini, Hjorvar Rognvaldsson, Renaud Crols, Annalena Fröhlich, Fhun Gao & Peeping Tom - sound mixing: Yannick Willockx & Peeping Tom - light design: Amber Vandenhoeck, Sinan Poffyn (intern) & Peeping Tom - costumes: Lulu Tikovsky, Yi-chun Liu, Nina Lopez Le Galliard (intern) & Peeping Tom - set design: Justine Bougerol & Peeping Tom - set construction: KVS atelier, Flora Facto & Peeping Tom - props: Nina Lopez Le Galliard (intern) & Silvio Palomo (intern) - technical direction: Giuliana Rienzi - light engineer: Gilles Roosen - sound engineer: Hjorvar Rognvaldsson - assistant costumes and props: Annabel Heyse - stage manager: Filip Timmerman - tour manager: Amaury Vanderborght - production manager: Helena Casas - communication manager: Sébastien Parizel - company manager: Veerle Mans - production: Peeping Tom - production partners: KVS Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (Brussels), Teatre Nacional de Catalunya/Grec Festival de Barcelona & Theater im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshafen) - coproduction: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, deSingel (Antwerp), Théâtre de la Ville Paris/Maison des Arts de Créteil, Maison de la Culture de Bourges, Festival Aperto/Fondazione I Teatri (Reggio Emilia), La Rose des Vents (Villeneuve d’Ascq), Théâtre de Caen, Gessnerallee Zurich, Julidans Amsterdam, La Bâtie Festival de Genève & Le Manège (Maubeuge) - with the support of: the Flemish authorities - distribution: Frans Brood Productions - ‘Kind’ was created with the support of the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government - thanks to: Heloïse da Costa, Theater FroeFroe, Institut del Teatre, Jan Daems, Leen Mertens, Uma Victoria Chartier, Ina Peeters and all the extras: Farners, Eva, Elmo, Vera, Roger, Raisa, Mercè, Xefo, Amadeo, Rita, Gloria, Ariadne, Jonah, Sille, Leandro, Flo, Grace, Luke, Lucie, Cyril, Jill, Jan, An, Octavia & Germaine ) - in copresentation with: NTGent