Lippstick DJ's / DJ SAHЯA / Radio Ruit ft. Sofie Sticker
Voo?uit & Film Fest Gent
Sat. 23.10.2021 22:00 and 22:00
Sat 23.10.'21
22:00 and 22:00

De officiële afsluiter van 10 dagen film en muziek!

Film Fest Ghent and VIDEODROOM draw to a close on Saturday, October 23. That calls for an unforgettable closing party at Voo?uit! From 22:00 you can head over to the Balzaal, where the turntables will be in skilled hands. Those who prefer can also let their hair down in the Voo?uit Café, of course. Let's gooooo!

Lippstick dj’s

22:30-02:30 Balzaal

Disco jams and extended dance moves à gogo!



02:30-05:00 Balzaal

Dancehall, hip hop, afrobeat, kuduro and afrohouse: DJ SAHЯA infuses the night scene with stirring desert vibes. Turn up if you’re in for a soulful night out on the town!

Entry for this requires a Covid Safe Ticket. Check our corona-page for the latest updates.



22:00-02:30 Lippstick dj’s
02:30-05:00 DJ SAHЯA

Voo?uit Café

22:00-02:00 Radio Ruit ft. Sofie Sticker


Sat 23.10 - 22:00 (doors) Balzaal & Café De Vooruit
free entrance


in collaboration with: Film Fest Gent


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