10X10: Mohamed Toukabri

'The Bastards'
GIF - Ghent International Festival
Tue. 25.01.2022 - Wed. 26.01.2022
Tue 25.01.'22
Wed 26.01.'22

Ultimate homage to public spaces & hip hop

Choreographer and dancer Mohamed Toukabri pays the ultimate homage to public spaces and hip hop culture through two of its foundational elements: B-boying and graffiti. Hip hop remains a way for outcasts to claim their place, become visible, create a safe environment where art and self-expression can become empowering, engaging and enlightening for people of all ages. 

Graffiti is part of everyday life in the city. When we walk through the streets, when we wait for the train at the train station and when we travel by public transport, we unconsciously carry these writings with us, even if we do not understand them. What stories do they tell and who are the people behind them? 

While dancers move throughout space and leave invisible traces, graffiti artists leave their marks on walls or trains, not knowing how long those traces will remain visible before they are erased.

“Sterk is dat deze voorstelling geen grote claims wil maken over identiteit of migratie. Toukabri laat zijn kleine, unieke levensverhaal voor zich spreken."

- De Standaard over ‘The Upside Down Man’


Tue 25 & Wed 26.01 - 20:00 Domzaal De Vooruit
PODIUM / dans
€14 / 10


dramaturgy: Diane Fourdrignier - light, sound & scenography: Lies Van Loock - artistic advisor: Eva Blaute - coproduction: December Dance (Concertgebouw & CC Brugge), Arts Centre Voo?uit & Beursschouwburg - executive production: Caravan Production - residency: Needcompany - in the frame of: GIF, a collaboration between Voo?uit, CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY, NTGent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen & S.M.A.K.



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