VIDEODROOM 2021: Proeftuin 4D RAVE w/ YSBEAR & Parrish Smith

Zeta Lys / Kafim / WLTR
Voo?uit & Film Fest Gent
Sat. 16.10.2021 22:00
Sat 16.10.'21
  • Sat 16.10.'21
    Doors 22:00

Futuristic rave night in the Balzaal!

The new Ghent-based collective Proeftuin presents a ruckus of rave that ranges from underground electronica to artistic crossovers. For VIDEODROOM, Proeftuin will transform the Balzaal into a futuristic rave basement. Prepare yourself for a brutal night of local and international DJs and audio-visual spectacle that will leave all your senses tingling.

Parrish Smith

Parrish Smith crafts a sound that’s both familiar and deeply inexplicable. Hovering between body music, electronica and deep-burning industrial, his live shows are hypnotizing and meditative, gushing and distorted. Smith developed a distinctive sound derived from an all-analogue set-up, sampling every object that produces sound. His signature raw machine wrangling gained attention from Nina Kraviz, who released his track ‘L’importance du Doute’ on her трип imprint, while the Dutch label Knekelhuis signed his debut EP. Other collabs included Pankow, Helena Hauff and Mark van de Maat - as Volition Immanent, a multimedia duo that is heavily influenced by the likes of Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle.

Zeta Lys

Zeta Lys (aka Lucia) is a Dutch DJ and artist, residing in Brussels. Her ever alternating sets blend together a variety of genres, fuelled by broken rhythms and percussion. Once a month she sets off Oskari to discover new places in her radio show at The Word Radio. Other appearances of Lucia include Red Light Radio,, Listen! Festival, Out Loud Festival, Different Class, Dekmantel Festival and Garage Noord in Amsterdam.


As a sound engineer, a raver and a resident DJ at the most renowned underground night club in Belgium, Kafim is the master of the C12 dance floor. He solidified his status with a mindblowing set, after the maestro Donato Dozzy himself had his way with the Brussels crowd. Inspirations:  Underground Resistance, Osees, Downwards, Technotronic, Useless Eaters, Ostgut, The Cure & Nicolas Lutz.


Ariana Van Tongerloo aka WLTR is a hard dance dj, and has a crush on all things gabber. She focuses on fat kicks and high bpms. During the corona era, WLTR started the all female rave collective Burenhinder. They combine solid electronics with visual arts.


YSBEAR aka Felix Ysenbaert is a multidisciplinary artist. He swiftly switches from illustrations to design, video, animation and projection mapping. Driven by all things geometrical, surreal and absurd, he creates his own world. ‘2.4 Kubiek’ is a multifunctional object, created during his masters at KASK Ghent. During the VIDEODROOM Proeftuin that installation will form the heart centre on stage: the dj's will be lockdowned once again inside the cubicle. Prepare yourself for some pumping beats and pulsating visuals!


22:00-23:30 Zeta Lys
23:30-01:30 Kafim
01:30-03:30 Parrish Smith ©
03:30-05:00 WLTR


Sat 16.10 - from 22:00 (doors) Balzaal De Vooruit
NIGHTLIFE / electronica / party
€13 / 10 (presale)

Order at least 3 tickets and get your 10% discount!

The cast


in collaboration with: Film Fest Gent & Proeftuin


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