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Rondleiding op zondag

Ontdek De Vooruit
Sun. 10.10.2021 - Sun. 12.06.2022
Sun 10.10.'21
Sun 12.06.'22

Discover the hidden corners of De Vooruit

There are more than 370 (!) different rooms in De Vooruit. But what are they all for? Why and when was the ‘Festivity Hall’ itself built in the first place? And what do the towers on the front side of the building look like on the inside? You’ll discover all this and more on a Sunday tour of the building. An experienced guide will walk the tour group through the turbulent history of one of the most iconic buildings in Ghent. 

In addition to all the familiar spaces, such as the Theaterzaal and Concertzaal, you’ll find yourself in places visitors don’t usually get to see: rehearsal spaces, the backstage area, the attic and of course the tower with its fabulous views of Ghent. Every floor, every nook and cranny of the building, has a story to tell or an anecdote to be gleaned. What happened at De Vooruit during the First and Second World War? How come De Vooruit almost had to make way for apartment buildings (complete with multi-storey carpark) in the 80s? And who’s responsible for the gigantic mural on the side of the building

Book your ticket in advance for an exciting journey through the rich history of De Vooruit!

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“Het is de moeite!”

- Celia Bogaert, AVS


Once a month on a Sunday (all dates at the top of the page) - 14:00 Ticket Desk (starting point)
MONUMENT / guided tour
€10 (16+) / 5 (6+) / free entrance (-6) 
Dutch spoken (unless otherwise arranged)
90 min.


Voo?uit is a partner of the Netwerk Open Monumenten (Open Monuments Network)