Alexander Vantournhout / not standing

'Contre-jour' (Belgische première)
Thu. 11.11.2021 - Sat. 13.11.2021
Thu 11.11.'21
Sat 13.11.'21

Choreography traced in the sand

When they move around on a sandy plain, people and animals leave traces. Whether in footprints or paw prints, they 'describe' the ground and remind us of the original meaning of the word choreography: writing with movement. ‘Contre-jour’, the latest performance by Alexander Vantournhout's dance company not standing, is set on such a sandy plain. Belgian premiere!

Five female performers walk, hop and otherwise move around to create different kinds of imprints. Which they then erase. Sometimes to make room for new traces, a new choreography. But sometimes just to hide their tracks, since leaving traces can prove dangerous ... The five bodies cinematically pass through the desolate landscape. They help each other as a group through their collective movements, but also by leaving each other space for solos and duets. In dance and in (live) song.

After the in-situ performance 'SCREWS’ in 2019 and the duet 'Through the Grapevine' in 2020, Vantournhout now exclusively assumes the role of choreographer for the first time. He gives the stage to a cast of five performers with diverse backgrounds in dance, music and circus.

"Sterk in kwetsbare momenten. Contre-jour’ verrast. In deze nieuwe voorstelling treedt Alexander Vantournhout niet langer mee op, maar choreografeert hij vijf vrouwen. Hun bewegingstaal vertrekt, net als in zijn eerder werk, van bijna acrobatische behendigheid en kracht, maar die is er hier minder om zichzelf dan om wat ze kan suggereren. Om het ‘verhaal’ dat ontstaat. De zang, waarmee de voorstelling begint en eindigt, versterkt dat gevoel."

— Pieter T'Jonck, pzazz


Thu 11 to Sat 13.11 - 20:00 Theaterzaal, De Vooruit
PODIUM / dance
€20 / 18 (-26)


concept & choreography: Alexander Vantournhout - choreography assistant: Emmi Väisänen - created with & executed by: Philomène Authelet, Tina Breiova, Noémi Devaux, Ariadna Girones Mata & Aymara Parola - research collaborator: Emmi Väisänen - dramaturgy: Rudi Laermans & Sébastien Hendrickx - rehearsal director: Maria Ferreira Silva, Axel Guérin, Anneleen Keppens & Esse Vanderbruggen - vocal coach & musical dramaturgy: Fabienne Seveillac - light design: Harry Cole - costume design: Sofie Durnez - sound design: Bob Hermans - videography: Stanislav Dobak - thanks to: Kim Amankwaa, Euridike De Beul, Tom de With & Astrid Sweeney - company management: Esther Maas - technical production: Bram Vandeghinste & Rinus Samyn - production & tour management: Aïda Gabriëls - distribution: Frans Brood Productions - production: not standing - coproduction: Arts Centre Voo?uit (Ghent), Cirque-Théâtre (Elbeuf), Le CENTQUATRE (Paris), Theater op de Markt (Neerpelt), Theater Freiburg, Charleroi Danse, Lithuanian Dance Information Center (Vilnius), Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg & Peeping Tom (Brussels) - with the support of: the Flemish government & Tax Shelter - Alexander Vantournhout is a resident at Arts Centre Voo?uit (Ghent), artiste associé at Le CENTQUATRE (Paris) and Cirque-Théâtre (Elbeuf). Alexander Vantournhout is supported by Fondation BNP Paribas and Stad Roeselare for the development of his projects.