Miet Warlop / IRENE WOOL vzw

‘After all Springville / Disasters and Amusement Parks’
Thu. 07.10.2021 - Fri. 08.10.2021
Thu 07.10.'21
Fri 08.10.'21

Absurd & poetic play with a touch of slapstick à la Buster Keaton

On the stage is a house, like a trampoline for the imagination. The house is like a body that swallows and spits. Strange creatures – half-human, half-thing – circle around the house. In the house, there is a table that yearns to be set with all the bells and whistles. Meanwhile, the fuse box is about to blow. One inescapable drama after another unfolds before your eyes... Welcome to the world of Miet Warlop’s imagination!

Miet is picking up where she left off, twelve years after the premiere of her acclaimed show 'Springville'. ‘After all Springville / Disasters and Amusement Parks' is like a memory prime for reliving. She is ready for it. The time has come. But many questions remain. How much space do you occupy, physically and mentally? How do we relate to each other? And how do we tolerate each other in a limited space? Once again, Warlop links the total desperation in the aftermath of a natural disaster to the relief afforded by an animated or slapstick film.

"Sometimes you want to say it again years later. Because the questions have not been resolved. Because in the meantime you have grown older and done / experienced other things. Because it can be done better and more accurately, with more breathing space and less waste. Because it bears being seen again. Or just for the renewed pleasure of playing."

– Miet Warlop


Thu 07 & Fri 08.10 - 20:00 Minard
PODIUM / performance
€16 / 14 (-26)
45 min.

Order at least 3 tickets and get your 10% discount!

The cast


concept & direction: Miet Warlop - performance: Hanako Hayakawa / Margarida Ramalhete, Winston Reynolds, Alexandra Myriam Rosser, Milan Schudel, Wietse Tanghe / Freek De Craecker & Jarne Van Loon - costumes: Sofie Durnez - production manager: Rossana Miele - technical coordination: Bennert Vancottem - technical Coordination: Bennert Vancottem - technical crew: Eva Dermul & Jurgen Techel - consultant Llght design: Henri Emmanuel Doublier - production: Miet Warlop / Irene Wool vzw - coproduction: HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), kc BUDA (Kortrijk), Arts Centre Voo?uit (Ghent), Perpodium (Antwerp), De Studio (Antwerp) & Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel - with the support of: the Belgian Tax Shelter, Flemish Authorities & City of Ghent - thanks to: CAMPO (Ghent), TAZ Theater aan Zee, cc De Grote Post (Oostend) & Amotec (Deerlijk) - contact & distribution: Frans Brood Productions


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