Sarah Davachi
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RUISKAMER #2: Sarah Davachi / Pak Yan Lau

support: Elisabeth Klinck
Voo?uit & MIRY Concertzaal
Thu. 07.10.2021 19:30 - 23:00
Thu 07.10.'21
19:30 - 23:00
  • Thu 07.10.'21
    19:30 - 23:00

Meditative minimalism & delicate electronics

Sarah Davachi

Sarah Davachi is a composer and performer of electroacoustic music. She creates works both contemplative and beatific, eerie yet essentially human. Davachi's projects are primarily concerned with disclosing the delicate psychoacoustics of intimate aural spaces, utilizing extended durations, simple harmonic structures, subtle variations and natural resonances. She jumps between analog synthesizers, piano, organ, voice, samplers, orchestral strings and woodwinds.

Sarah's latest album 'Cantus, Descant' is an 80 minute double album meditation, with 17 minimalistic organ études and careful harmonic layering. On 'Cantus, Descant', Davachi’s own vocals are  heard for the first time. This is also the first release on her own label, Late Music. “A balm for the head and heart”, stated Uncut. “An unignorable study in sound”, according to The Guardian.

Pak Yan Lau plays ‘Bakunawa’

‘Bakunawa’ is a continuation of Lau’s solo project ‘Book of Toy’, which captured her fascination for the natural harmonics of toy pianos and clock chimes. Now, taking it to another level, driven by the curiosity and possibility to write for an ensemble, this piece explores a combination of this unconventional instrumentation (clock chimes, toy pianos, metal tubes, harp) and the delicate use of electronics. 

In contrast to ‘Book of Toy’, where the pieces were all miniatures, the desire has grown to work more on a long form piece, where the composition can evolve in its own time. Inspired by Asian ritual music, minimal music (Philip Glass, Eliane Radigue) and ambient music, she aims to create her own world of sound (a personal ritual), where one is invited to get lost and become immersed.

'Bakunawa': Pak Yan Lau (composition, chimes, toy piano, metal objects), Giovanni Di Domenico, João Lobo & Théo Lanau (chimes, toy piano, metal objects), Vera Cavallin (harp) & Christophe Albertijn (sound, electronics)

Entry for this event requires a Covid Safe Ticket. Check the corona-page of MIRY Concertzaal.

Part of


19:30 doors
20:00 Elisabeth Klinck (support)
20:20 Pak Yan Lau 
21:00 break
21:30 Sarah Davachi

“A balm for the head and heart.”



Thu 07.10 - 19:30 (doors) MIRY Concertzaal (Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 Gent)
MUSIC / avant-garde / experimental
€18 (at the door) / 15 (early bird) / 7 (student)

Order at least 3 tickets and get your 10% discount!


a co-production of: Voo?uit & MIRY Concertzaal


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