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Wed. 22.09.2021 - Sun. 03.10.2021
Openbare Werken

N.E.S.H.A.A. (Not Every Ship Has An Author)

'A Curse Poem'
Wed 22.09.'21
Sun 03.10.'21

A performative installation combining movement, language & landscape

At the centre of the world there is a fiction, a story as a hole to let the future in.

‘A CURSE POEM’ is an immersive and performative installation in which movement, language and landscape come together.  The story of N.E.S.H.A.A. - short for Not Every Ship Has An Author - is a curse poem. It seeps through the cracks and layers of concrete, earth and water and fills the air. It curses and urges you to wander around the created landscape and let the words resonate further. It asks to be repeated.

Your mudded name is called for

N.E.S.H.A.A. is a collaboration between artists Femke Gyselinck, Melissa Mabesoone and Peter Aers. In ‘A CURSE POEM’, they align their practices, thereby straddling the borders of performance, installation and poetry. During the creation process, more researchers, artists, poets and storytellers from the past and present were involved. Read more about the project on acurspoem.com or their Instagram.

Get the Openbare Werken-combiticket and choose 3 shows for €30.

“At the centre of the world there is a fiction, a story as a hole to let the future in.”


wed 22 & thu 23.09 - 16:40 Location tba
fri 24 & sat 25.09 - 14:00 Location tba
sun 26.09 - 17:00 Location tba
wed 29.09 until fri 01.10 - 16:30 Location tba
sat 02 & sun 03.10 - 17:00 Location tba
PODIUM / installation / performance
€7 / 5 (-18)
in Dutch & English
45 min.

Please note: only 4 visitors permitted per time slot.

Get the Openbare Werken-combiticket and choose 3 shows for €30.


‘A CURSE POEM’ was created with: Peter Aers, Femke Gyselinck, Melissa Mabesoone, Obiozo Ukpabi, Bart Capelle, 019, Lore Smolders, Anaïs Chabeur, Benjamin Dousselaere, Tim Depraetere, Famke Dhont, Eimi Leggett and Laureline Pattyn - in collaboration with: Building Conversation - with the support of: Arts centre Voo?uit, KAAP, BUDA, workspacebrussels, the Østfold Internasjonale Teater & the Flemish Community - N.E.S.H.A. A. is grateful for the input of Alexis Wright, Johanna Hedva, Kobe Matthys and everyone who contributed to the audio stories on acurspoem.com.


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