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Sat. 12.06.2021 - Sun. 13.06.2021

NOOIT TE LAAT: Kloppend Hert & Theater Antigone

'De Barbaren' (première)
Sat 12.06.'21
Sun 13.06.'21

Racism, machismo & homophobia in football

Racism, machismo and homophobia are rampant in football, both on and off the pitch. African players have had banana peels hurled at their heads. Following his coming out, one pro footballer committed suicide because he could no longer take the chorus of venom directed at him. Domestic violence against women increases 30% during a match, in a city like Glasgow. With ‘De Barbaren’, ‘Studio Shehrazade’ director Haider Al Timimi (Kloppend Hert, Theater Antigone) is once again smashing taboos and stoking societal debate.

Haider Al Timimi is the new artistic leader of Theater Antigone. For ‘De Barbaren’ he is collaborating with his predecessor Jos Verbist and a diverse team of people he got to know either as a colleague or teacher.

Part of

“Volgens het cliché zijn hooligans mensen uit de arbeidersklasse die uit frustratie elk weekend op elkaars bakkes slaan. Maar hoe zit het met het systeem waarbinnen voetbal opereert? Mensen die voor miljoenen worden gekocht en verkocht? (…) Wie zijn de barbaren?”

'Money & Macho's', Ellen Stynen


Sat 12.06 - 19:00 & Sun 13.06 - 20:00 De Vooruit Domzaal  
PODIUM / theatre (16+)
in Dutch, English, French & Arabic, with Dutch surtitles
80 min.



a play by: Kloppend Hert & Theater Antigone - coproduction: Perpodium - concept & direction: Haider Al Timimi - players: Arber Aliaj, Kaat Arnaert, Giovanni Baudonck, Berthe Kilozo, Atta Nasser & Jos Verbist - dramaturgy: Bart Capelle - music: Haider Al Timimi & Kaat Arnaert - scenography: Sven Roofthooft - technical lead: Robbe Van Compernolle (intern) - light design: Maarten Thorrez - sound design: Niels Vanherpe - costumes: Marij De Brabandere - with the support of: the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal government - thanks to: Peter Vandenbempt


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