Fri. 12.10.2018 20:30 - Sat. 13.10.2018 00:30


ft. Christeene / Hantrax / Oisoi / Dolly Bing Bing ft. Alien Observer / Raveyards / Thelooca / Johannes Verschaeve / Reinhard Vanbergen
Fri 12.10.'18
Sat 13.10.'18
20:30 - 00:30
  • Fri 12.10.'18
    Sat 13.10.'18
    20:30 - 00:30

Over-the-top live performance, music & installation art

GHOST is an all-encompassing conceptual spectacle from Raveyards, the Ghent-based audiovisual electronica collective headed up by Francois de Meyer and Stefan Bracke. During GHOST, various bands and solo artists will play short sets amid impressive video installations. Together with Vooruit and Film Fest Gent, Raveyards has developed a show in which film, live music and performance converge. Each artist was given the challenge of coming up with new music to accompany reworked film clips. This isn’t your average night out!

Appearing as the event’s central guest is the self-proclaimed queer terrorist Christeene Vale, the alterego of the Texan performer Paul Soileau, who was ubiquitous during Vooruit’s season opening event last year in 2017. Christeene will drape Peaches-like electro and an over-the-top live performance over Louis Malle’s ‘Ascenseur pour l’échafaud’ (Elevator to the Gallows). Also featuring as part of GHOST: the retrofuturistic electronica of Antwerp’s Hantrax, post-apocalyptic pop-hero Dolly Bing Bing & Alien Observer and, of course, Raveyards themselves with a 360° on-location concert. 

 “There is some truly amazing and experimental work going on in the Belgian underground. SXSW, eat your heart out!” - Humo on GHOST



€15 / 12 (presale)

poster: Stedho
Image: Eva Vlonk
Together with GHOST
in the frame of: Film Fest Gent



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