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CANCELLED: Sara Leghissa

‘Will You Marry Me?'
Fri. 30.10.2020 - Sun. 01.11.2020
Fri 30.10.'20
Sun 01.11.'20

What is legal and what is illegal?

‘Will You Marry Me?’ is a site-specific and temporary public lecture by artist, performer and researcher Sara Leghissa. The content of the lecture explores some illegal practices present in our daily life and how we embody the illegality itself. It comes from personal shared experiences and interviews done in Prato, Ramallah, Marsiglia, Madrid, Losanna and Nyon and it also echoes some strategies and practices already used by different activist movements from all around the world, as forms to circumvent the law without violating it. 

The work invites people to relate directly with the boundaries between what is legal and what is illegal. Considering the law as something fluid, which changes depending on where we are in the world, the historical period in which we live and the sort of privileges we enjoy, the law defines what is considered moral, licit, in other words, what is right. 

It distributes power and the perception of power in society, defining, categorizing, dividing and controlling. The shape of the lecture itself investigates a specific portion of the spectrum of illegality, namely the relationship between illegal acts and public space. It explores how we can perform such actions mimetically, before everyone’s eyes, suggesting to the audience possible forms of public resistance and complicity.

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“I'm fascinated with the difference between supposedly private and supposedly public and I try to engage with the issue of what it means to live in a society that's seemingly shock-proof, yet still is compelled to exercise secrecy.”

- Barbara Kruger


PODIUM / lezing / performance
gratis zonder reservatie 
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30 min.


concept: Sara Leghissa - text & dramaturgy, in collaboration with: Carlo Fusani, Tomas Gonzalez & Catalina Insignares - illustrations & graphic layout: Marzia Dalfini - promotion: Giulia  Messia - executive production: Eleonora Cavallo - production: Strasse - produced by: FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts & Far Festival (Nyon) - partners: Short Theatre (Roma), Sareyett (Ramallah), Saal Biennal (Tallinn) & Parallele Festival (Marseille) - within the frame of: More Than This / Creative Europe - during NO(W)WORRIES, a collaboration between Vooruit, CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY, NTGent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen & S.M.A.K.