Thu. 29.10.2020 - Fri. 30.10.2020


‘Lullaby for Scavengers (work in progress)’
Thu 29.10. 2020
Fri 30.10. 2020

A walk with fox & dead, singing squirrel

After 'Kim Noble Will Die' and 'You’re not Alone', Kim Noble is currently working on a new solo performance within his trilogy on loneliness and friendship. In 'Lullaby for Scavengers' a fox and a dead yet singing squirrel are his new accomplices in his search for ways of survival. 

How do you fit into a world that doesn’t necessarily want you? Who will help us navigate the rest of our time here? What have we learnt about our being human to pass on to the next generation? And how do you cope when there are rodents in your ceiling? This new creation will be released through a series of try-out performances that will take place in the course of spring, summer and autumn 2020.

Kim Noble is an award winning comedic performance and video artist. His multi-disciplined approach has led him to work across theatre, TV, film, art and comedy. Kim’s work uses a provocative and humorous style to expose the human condition: notions of death, sexuality, gender and religion are picked at with dry comedic use of tragedy meshed with absurdity. He has a girl’s name and no longer smells of wee. He was one half of Perrier Award-winning, BAFTA-nominated experimental art-comedy duo Noble and Silver. At CAMPO, he previously created 'Wild Life FM' together with Pol Heyvaert and Jakob Ampe.

Part of


Thu 29 & Fri 30.10 - 19:00 CAMPO nieuwpoort 
PODIUM / performance
€14 / 10 
60 min. 


by & with: Kim Noble - production: CAMPO Ghent - coproduction: Schauspiel Leipzig & Kampnagel Internationales Sommerfestival Hamburg - during: NO(W)WORRIES, een samenwerking tussen Vooruit, CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY, NTGent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen en S.M.A.K.



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