Fri. 06.11.2020 - Sun. 08.11.2020


Night Shift
Fri 06.11. 2020
Sun 08.11. 2020

(Un)finished projects, exciting experiments & never-before-seen try-outs

Night Shift is once again returning to Ghent and this time it’s taking over the imposing building of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. After the much-talked-about editions at Beursschouwburg, De Studio and Vooruit Arts Centre, Night Shift is now set to conclude the NO(W)WORRIES festival. Initiator Gouvernement will be working with seven partners to make it all happen. The central question in this edition of Night Shift: how can we inhabit the same space together?

With this night-time carousel, Gourvenement and Night Shift plan to make every hall, nook and cranny of the Opera building shake and sizzle with creative energy. All manner of artists will be setting up shop, with carte blanche to do as they please. In this way Night Shift creates an informal playground for artists of various disciplines. A two hour guided walk of (un)finished projects, exciting experiments and never-before-seen try-outs in quick succession. All serving to supplement and challenge one another.

This edition of Night Shift is different to those that came before, however. In these times, which are starting to feel more and more like a turning point in history, Gouvernement will be working with seven very different collectives and a group from Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. Together they will work to create a safe space to show and experience (unfinished) work. Night Shift will present an exciting dialogue between Bebe Books, Gouvernement, House of Lux, La S Grand Atelier / Post Animale, Leaving Living Daokta, Mama’s Open Mic and Zuidpark.

The physical space will be shaped by an interaction between the scenography of Decoratelier / Jozef Wouters and Ghent’s opera building. In this way changeable spaces will be created for diverse and challenging artistic projects to unfold.

Part of

“The stamp is clear and visible, the marks are made, the night shift is irreversible.”


PODIUM / performance / theater


concept & production: Gouvernement, Zuidpark, Mama’s open Mic, Post Animal, Bebe Books, House Of Lux & Leaving Living Dakota - scenography: Decoratelier Jozef Wouters - production: Gouvernement – co-production: detheatermaker, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen & Vooruit Arts Centre – with the support of the Flemish Community, Stad Gent & Amplo



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