Wed. 28.10.2020 - Sat. 31.10.2020

Luanda Casella / NTGent & arp

‘KillJoy Quiz’
Wed 28.10. 2020
Sat 31.10. 2020

Light-hearted quiz turned poignant thought exercise

In ‘KillJoy Quiz’ by Luanda Casella (who gave us ‘Short of Lying’ last season) you participate in a seemingly light-hearted TV quiz. You get points for answering the questions correctly. But what does this achievement say about the quality of someone’s knowledge? The cunning multiple choice questions in this production ruthlessly expose a number of prejudices. In this way, ‘KillJoy Quiz’ turns the familiar quiz format into a poignant thought exercise. 

As the title suggests, the central role in this production is the killjoy – someone who intentionally undermines the pleasure of others. Luanda draws inspiration from Sarah Ahmed’s ‘Killjoy Manifesto’. In it, the killjoy unmasks the violent character of ideologies by revealing their manipulative linguistic and rhetorical power. In her own production, Casella seeks to debunk the idea that you can score points on knowledge alone. She hosts a game that has no winners, in which the ultimate goal is to learn the value of dialogue.

Part of

“Via een ingenieus gecomponeerde tekst rond bluf, mystificatie en bullshit legt ze op slimme wijze de mechanieken van misleiding bloot.”

- uit het juryverslag TAZ 2018, over ‘Short of Lying’


Wed 28.10 - 20:00 / Fri 30.10 - 22:00 / Sat 31.10 - 17:00 NTGent Minnemeers 
PODIUM / theatre
English spoken / English & Dutch supertitles 


director & writer: Luanda Casella - cast: Luanda Casella, Yolanda Mpelé & Carolina Maciel De França - composer: Pablo Casella - musicians: Timia Van Der Linden, Helena Casella & Maïmouna Rachels - dramaturgy: Sébastien Hendrickx - scenography: Felix Fasolt - coach: Lucius Romeo-Fromm – head of production: Frouke Van Gheluwe - production: arp – co-production: NTGent – with the support of: the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government – as part of: NO(W)WORRIES, a collaboration between Vooruit, CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY, NTGent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and S.M.A.K.



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