NIET OM TE ZIEN / gecureerd door WILLY ORGAN

NIET OM TE ZIEN / gecureerd door WILLY ORGAN

Stippenlift / Goldband / Shht / Tante ToFu / Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe & Alien Observer / Sophie Straat / Gerard Herman & Milan W. / Borokov Borokov & Tristan / Prutser / Willy Organ
Sat. 26.09.2020 19:00 and 21:30
Sat 26.09.'20
19:00 and 21:30

The crème de la crème of modern-day kitsch

NIET OM TE ZIEN is an evening showcasing ten top artists committed to dragging the ‘levenslied’ (a genre of sentimental, Dutch-language pop ballad) into the 21st century. They sing about universal themes and contemporary issues such as the fear of failure, the loss of Instagram followers or the gentrification of working-class neighbourhoods. NIET OM TE ZIEN is an abundant feast for the ears and eyes, bursting with irresistible earworms.

The MC for the evening is none other than Willy Organ, a man by no means averse to a quality Flemish ‘levenslied’. Organ will be your guide on this trip through the land of modern-day kitsch.

“Willy Organ: de redder van het Vlaamse levenslied.”

Radio 2


Sat 26.09 - 19:00 Theaterzaal (doors)
MUSIC / pop / electronica / levenslied
€14 (presale) 
75 min.


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