TOESTANDEN #1 (online)

Publieke ruimte in crisistijden
Vooruit, Victoria Deluxe, LUCA School of Arts & Masereelfonds
Mon. 05.10.2020 19:30 - 21:00
Mon 05.10.'20
19:30 - 21:00
  • Mon 05.10.'20
    19:30 - 21:00
    Online event

Is COVID-19 eroding our liberties?

For our new debate series Toestanden we’re entering into discussion with fascinating guests on the topics that keep us awake at night. Each online edition is moderated by Vooruit’s guest dramaturg Kopano Maroga. The topic of this first edition is social inequality and the right to occupy public spaces in times of corona.

Corona has shaken our society to its foundations. A lot of attention is rightly being paid to how we can avoid or limit the contagion. But the various safety measures that have been imposed do not impact all segments of society equally. In the past months we have seen tensions arise surrounding the use of our public spaces. Beaches, seaside promenades and swimming ponds suddenly became privatised spaces, only accessible with payment or based on territorial principles.

The coronavirus pandemic has eroded certain freedoms that we had taken entirely for granted until recently. It also sets us up for great challenges in the coming months. How can our governments provide the due support for families in tight living spaces? We societally-engaged citizens from all walks of life must actively contribute to the search for solutions. In addition to the significant focus on the medical aspects of the crisis, should we not also have a group of experts focused solely on the social impact of the novel coronavirus? And how are young people experiencing the imposed safety measures and the limiting of their freedoms?


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