© God Is An Astronaut
© God Is An Astronaut
Wed. 14.04.2021 19:30 - 22:45

NEW DATE: God is an Astronaut

support: Kokomo
Wed 14.04.'21
19:30 - 22:45
  • Wed 14.04.'21
    19:30 - 22:45

God Is An Astronaut plays ‘All Is Violent, All Is Bright’

God Is An Astronaut

In 2005 God Is An Astronaut released what is now the classic album ‘All Is Violent, All Is Bright’. 2020 marks the 15th anniversary of this classic album. In honour of that album, they will tour the UK and Europe this spring - with an exclusive Belgian club show in Vooruit.

Their music is a sonic journey along ethereal soundscapes, transfixed melodies and intense, powerful rock instrumentation. Almost two decades active in the scene, their sound is distinctive and has inspired many a bands whereas the accessibility of the music reached a broad and dedicated audience around the globe.

With God Is An Astronaut, dunk!festival (Zottegem) brings back their first international headliner ever to Belgium!

support: Kokomo

Kokomo’s main objective in their music is to reach people and evoke something in them. Founded in the heyday of instrumental music they have distinguished themselves through the intense, dark and heavy riffs and the seemingly hopeful melodies. The music creates a sonic vortex and won’t leave you untouched. Mission accomplished.

This show was originally planned on 28.04.2020 and rescheduled for September 2020. Tickets for both dates remain valid.

© God Is An Astronaut


Wed 14.04 - 20:00 Balzaal (doors)
MUSIC/ post-rock 
€24 (add) / 22 (vvk, inclusief reservatiekost)


organisation: dunk!festival


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