Thomas Piketty (c) BOZAR
Wed 08.07 20:00
De Zomer van Vooruit

BOZAR Talks #1 i.s.m. Vooruit

Repairing the future: Thomas Piketty
Wed 08.07
  • Wed 08.07

A video interview series to give a new impetus to thinking about the future

Have the climate crisis and the coronavirus taken away our future? “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,” declared Greta Thunberg to world leaders. “How dare you!” We often live from day to day and think no further ahead than tomorrow, let alone dare to dream about what the world will or should look like in a few years’ time. As soon as we peer out of our small cocoon of survival in these times of Corona, we are overcome with anxiety and doom scenarios about the political, economic and cultural landscape post-covid. 

 More than ever humankind needs a distant horizon full of dreams, stories, possibilities and inspiring visions of the future. We want to go beyond mere hope. Artists and scientists can help us, as they necessarily look further ahead than today or tomorrow. For them, the future means imagination and improvement. On the blank page or screen they suddenly create new panoramas. Is 2020 going to be the new year zero? 

 With the video interview series Repairing the future, BOZAR wants to give a new impetus to thinking about the future by giving a platform to scientists, artists and thinkers from different fields. Economics, ecology, mobility, architecture are all covered, as well as beauty and solace. To conclude the series, a panel of young people look ahead to their own future. 

(c) Yona Friedman


wed 08.07 - 20:00 Online
THINK / talk
in English, with Dutch subtitles


organisatie: BOZAR - in samenwerking met: Kunstencentrum Vooruit


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