Greg Malcolm
Greg Malcolm by © Beata Szparagowska
Wed 22.04 18:30 - 22:00
Vooruit, De Koer & KRAAK present:

Greg Malcolm / Miaux

Sage Alyte / film screening 'Chimera'
Wed 22.04
18:30 - 22:00
  • Wed 22.04
    18:30 - 22:00
    De Koer (Meibloemstraat 86, Gent)

To prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, Vooruit will postpone all planned performances, concerts and events with immediate effect until May 3rd, 2020. All ticket holders will be contacted.

Vooruit, De Koer and KRAAK welcome you to an evening of candid sounds and ineffable atmospheres. The return of legendary guitarist Greg Malcolm is flanked by the subtle yet distinctive grace of local ingénues Miaux and Sage Alyte.

Greg Malcolm

A true pioneer of the Christchurch scene, intrepid guitarist Greg Malcolm’s extensive discography is revelatory in terms of his activity, though not of his notoriety, as he remains a staunchly fringe figure in his native New Zealand, being active for nearly four decades. Still, his approach is as unique as it is adventurous: using multiple guitars as well as a variety of implements to subvert conventional modes of playing, his pieces go from lo-fi primitive folk to multi sensory noise terrains.


Mia Prce has been making dreamy keyboard pieces as Miaux for just about a decade now. With releases on Ultra Eczema, Feeding Tube and Lal Lal Lal under her belt, her baroque ballads retain an idiosyncratic flavor that never fails to fill the heart and tear up the eyes.

Sage Alyte

The Brussels-based duo Sage Alyte combines the sparse, transporting banjo pluckings of David Jarrin (Disposición Asoleada) with the delicate environments generated by Roxane Métayer’s violin. The result is arresting soundscapes augmented by distinctive drones and startlingly moving devices.

Film screening ‘Chimera’ (34’15”, Haris Epaminonda, 2019)

Meditating on time, place and memory, Epaminonda’s ‘Chimera’ is an experimental audio-visual travelogue. Following the rays of the sun and tracing its shadows, the film acts as an optical mirage and oscillates between reality and fantasy, nature and culture, light and darkness. Epaminonda worked in collaboration with sound artist Kelly Jayne Jones to create the ambient electronic score.


18:30 doors
19:00 film screening ‘Chimera’
20:00 Sage Alyte
20:30 Greg Malcolm
21:20 Miaux
22:00 end


Wed 22.04 - 19:00 De Koer, Meibloemstraat 86 9000 Gent
MUSIC / avant-garde / film
€10 (at the door) / 7 (presale) 


in collaboration with: KRAAK & De Koer



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