Sat. 01.02.2020 - Sat. 08.02.2020

Valentina Medda

Sat 01.02. 2020
Sat 08.02. 2020

Een levend archief van 'urban cracks'

Valentina Medda (IT) will be one of the presenting artists during the Vooruit-festival ‘OPENBARE WERKEN’ in april 2020. She  works on her UNTITLED project -a living archive of urban wounds, where ‘urban cracks’ become tattoos on people bodies. Interested? Come and visit Valentina during her residency at Vooruit, she will open up her studio a few times. A nice moment to get to know her work personally. Valentina will explain the project and discuss with you the possibilites to have a ‘crack’ tattooed on your body and become part of the archive. No obligation, it’s an exploratory introduction.


UNTITLED# is a series of urban traces photographed to be tattooed on people’s bodies.
Residues of the passage of time and of atmospheric agents, once on the skin the traces become scars, adding up to the individual history of its host. While individually each body appropriates the place in an intimate and unique way, all together, the participants of UNTITLED# build a living archive that embodies the memory of the space and become part of a community that transcends physical and geographical boundaries.

Valentina is in Ghent until 15.02, you can reach her at vmedda@gmail.com.


za 01.02 - 14:00-16:00
wo 05.02 - 17:00-19:00
vr 07.02 - 16:00-18:00
za 08.02 - 14:00-16:00 Open Atelier
DAYLIFE / workshop


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