La 'S' Grand Atelier i.s.m. Gouvernement

'Post Animale'
Women and Children First
Thu. 05.03.2020 - Fri. 06.03.2020
Thu 05.03.'20
Fri 06.03.'20

Improvised dance performance with wild costumes

‘Post Animale’ is an improvised dance performance with costumes whose dimensions are gleefully at odds with the shapes of the wearers’ bodies. A group of remarkably dressed performers will sow chaos at Vooruit for five days straight and showcase their many strange moves as part of WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, just enjoy the ride! 

As part of WACF, the Walloon artists of La ‘S’ Grand Atelier will be joining forces with the Ghent art platform Gouvernement. With ‘Post Animale’ they will build on the foundations of performer Barbara Massart’s artistic universe. With her textile creations – made of dyed wool, synthetic fur and other unconventional materials – she orchestrates an abrupt clash between myth and reality. A colourful patchwork that makes the invisible visible.

Over La 'S' Grand Atelier

La 'S' Grand Atelier AKA La Hesse – is an artistic lab for autodidactic artists with developmental disorders and other disabilities. The great power of the atelier lies in the perpetual exchange that goes on between contemporary artists and people with mental disabilities. The atelier holds workshops, supports artistic projects and organises public presentations. The latter take the form of concerts, films, exhibitions, magazines and performances, such as their contribution to WACF. LA Hesse has been going strong since 1992 and is housed in the former barracks at Rencheux near Vielsalm.

“Het waanzinnig goede werk van de kunstenaars van La ‘S’ Grand Atelier is intussen te vinden in de belangrijkste art brutcollecties van de wereld.”



Thu 05 & Fri 06.03 – ongoing from 18:00, various locations
stage / performance / exhibition
free admission
language: no problem


‘Post Animale’ collective: Nicolas Clement (B), Pascal Cornelis (B), Michiel De Jaeger (B), Frédéric Ehlers (D), Anaïd Ferte (B) (F), Raphaëlle Lenseigne (F), Barbara Massart (B) & Nora Wagner (L) - with: Quan Bui Ngoc (B) (NAM) & DJ Lowdjo (B) - production: La ‘S’ Grand Atelier, Vooruit & Casino Luxembourg – in collaboration with: Gouvernement